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    Originally Posted by justinrpg View Post
    the message reads "Game Sync Has Run Out Of Energy. It Will Take A Day To Recharge." BUT IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN A DAY!!! WHAT DO I DO????

    WHY IS NOBODY HELPING ME???????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To add what the mighty Ampharos guy said, normally you can't access Dream World if you use your game cartridges on a different DS/3DS from the one that you usually use. In your case, you're using your new 3DS, your Gen V game recognise your 3DS as a new DS, therefore you have to wait for an another 24 hours. If my answer doesn't work, please follow Xander's advice, contact Nintendo and/or Game Freak. AND STOP SPAMMING THOSE CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! IT'S EXTREMELY IRRITATING TO SEE!!!!