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I loved HeartGold and SoulSilver but what put me off a bit were the slow animations.. battles and the PC box took forever. ;~; But they were great nonetheless. Good to hear you're back into Pokemon once again; I'm sure you'll have lots to discuss by staying here, which in turn would help keep your love for the franchise to burn brightly. Welcome to the forum!

It's all right if you think you might disappear, I was that way at first so I understand. PC is one of the only communities I'm active on and every other one I check whenever I have the interest to. But this is a pretty friendly place so you might end up liking it a lot and sticking around (we certainly hope so). Either way, I'm crossing my fingers you have an enjoyable time during your stay. Why not go on and discuss your favorite Pokemon games right now?! There are certainly many threads to dive into in that regard, whee.

Have a great time here, see you around Final! :) Feel free to contact me if you need some help.

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