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Originally Posted by fenyx4 View Post
I was reading about Impostor Ability Ditto earlier, and read that it's somewhat easier to obtain with "Pass Powers" (I'm a bit unfamiliar with those; I just know that they give you some type of benefit in BW/B2W2 and that they're associated with the Entralink/Entree Forest...?).

Is it possible to obtain Pass Powers by yourself (i.e., without the help of any other players)? Do you need Wi-Fi or Dream World connectivity (or any sort of online/Internet connectivity) in order to access them? Thanks in advance.
There are Pass Powers that increase the rate things appear in grottos. You can earn it on your own, but it will take a while, because the lowest rank of this particular Pass Power requires your tree to be Lv.10. You don't need WiFi to do missions with yourself or others, its done over IR. Your tree gains experience based on your scores in Funfest Missions.

Heres some helpful links:

Originally Posted by JayTheKing View Post
I read that you can fight wild pokemon in White Treeholow.How is that possible?(cause i want some items from them)
You can't. It was possible to find wild Pokemon in White Forest in White 1, however.
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