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Pancham is not the type of Pokemon that will become like Oshawott. For one it's not even described as such in its description that we know of and overall it just really doesn't even look like one. I'd say it would be more of a mix between say... Treecko and Krookodile if Ash got one. And since both of those Pokemon evolved the idea of Pancham evolving works as well.

I've heard it both ways that Serena will be showcased (along with Viola) and that Clemont and Bonnie will be joining Ash and that Clemon, Bonnie, and Serena will be joining Ash. Not sure if it's a translation thing but at least for certain it definitely looks like it'll be Clemont and Bonnie joining Ash with possibly Serena joining as well. If she doesn't join then it'll be the first that one of the trio will be younger than Ash. That said Ash might just get a sort of 'mentor' role which would be really cool and possibly better than his mentor role with Max if Bonnie actually gets a Pokemon from the beginning and battles and so forth.

Regardless XY is definitely going to be interesting. Then there's Team Rocket going back to their old role. Guess trying to make Team Rocket darker didn't quite work out for them. To be honest it would have been better if they just did it with Plasma instead of trying it with Rocket. Maybe they'll do something with Flare (though kind of unlikely I suppose. Still, someone can dream).
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