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Originally Posted by Pachy View Post
I think that if we stopped hiding simple truths from our children; that these things would not happen as often as they do now. Immaturity is not a real reason to hide something from them and punishment should not be cruel, excessively unusual, or anything that puts them at risk for later problems in life.

Also, we were doing a pre-reading discussion for The Scarlet Letter for English class, and someone brought up a very good point about the difference between shame punishment and guilt punishment, the difference being "You are the bad thing" and "What you did is the bad thing". Supposedly, people who are punished using shame punishment aren't even less likely to do the crime again (I know this isn't a crime really, but it's still a somewhat similar concept), and guilt punishment is more likely to make the criminal want to make amends for what they've done. I mean, I don't think there are any good ideas for a guilt-related twerking punishment, other than like visiting old wrinkly poor strippers who ended up nowhere in life (even though that's drastic to imagine for this girl). However, it does come down to what the parents want to do, and by all means she can punish her child in a way she feels is right.
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