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    After finishing up his conversation with Yuki, or just about, the latter was called to the arena along with Iruko as Ryder walked through the doors and back into the waiting room. Yuki walked out the doors and into the stadium just after he yelled a remark at Seth that Max could not overhear. After a couple of minutes of waiting Iruko was yet to appear and Yuki was called back to the waiting room when Max and Loryn's names were called by the announcer and the pair slowly made their way down, into the arena. They took their positions on the field as Max sent out his Torterra for battle...

    After a long fought battle Max pulled through and picked up Eevee and swung him around in the air. Max started up the stairs back to the waiting room after saying 'good battle' to Loryn. Next Seth and Maya were called up for their battle, 'so that was her name' Max thought to himself. After a long fought battle, Maya won and slowly the room was emptied of all of its occupants except Max, Eevee and Loryn. Max thanked the latter once again for how she had treated him throughout the past day, before leaving the room himself and walking through the streets of Pyrite with Eevee by his side as he followed the route he remembered back to Yuki's house.

    Max and Eevee approached the door to Yuki's house before Max knocked firmly, they awaited Yuki's answer. As they waited Max looked around at his surroundings, reminding him of the events of the night before with Team Magma. Max swallowed hard as he reminded himself that two of his Pokemon had fainted (Torterra and Unfezant) and one other (Emboar) was severely injured from the battle earlier with Loryn. Max heard a rustle coming from some shrubbery nearby. He swallowed hard as Two tough looking Team Magma Grunts appeared each with a male Pyroar at their sides.
    "Yu-ki, Yuki! YUKI!" Max yelled in dismay. As the Men and Pyroar leaped on Max and his small fox Pokemon as they were captured. The next thing they knew they were out cold. The Team Magma grunts took Max, Eevee and the rest of Max's Pokemon back to their base in a secret location.

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