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    I'm wondering, how much do you guys review the stories of others here compared to how much you post your own?
    I currently have one story on here (that isn't dead), and I try to review just about every new story that comes my way.

    It's definitely nerve-wracking writing reviews because you're always worried about whether or not you're actually giving them good advice. I've learned that leaving your thoughts on a story is only half of what you're doing. What you're really doing when reviewing is letting the writer know that you think their story is worthwhile. You're letting them know that there is someone out there that actually cares enough about their story to post on it. Encouraging the writer to not only keep up with their story, but to improve as a whole. That's why I review, because I was sick of stories written for no one. I wanted to give a reason for the writers to continue writing, and not feel like they could just stop without anyone caring. Although my writing isn't that strong, I still put reviews out there because everyone has something they can contribute. I'm just making sure I'm submitting my piece.

    My first reviews were probably lackluster to say the least, but I feel that I've gotten better at them and now I'm even proofreading various things for friends in real life. It's hard picking apart stories at first, but it gets easier as you start gaining more experience. It's always terrifying when reviewing works you know are better than yours by a long-shot. I just remember that the author is looking for any advice anyone can give.

    Well this turned out to be a lot longer than expected, oh well.
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