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So uh yeah, hi there.

I'm Manska, 20 years old and currently a university student in the UK. Pretty much lifelong pokemon fan; played and still play all the main games and am now slowly nuzlocking my way through them and some of the good romhacks I can find. At the moment I'm both eagerly awaiting the release of X and Y and avoiding even the slightest mention of it like the plague (For me the most fun I ever get in a pokemon game is playing through it with as little idea as I can have about the pokemon and the region; especially now i'm into Nuzlocking).

One of my main reasons for joining this site is that I am soon planning to write a fanfiction and am looking for places to post it; I enjoy writing and I wanted to do something more than short story prompts but lack the time and confidence to try making something properly so I decided to take a crack at fanfiction to keep myself amused and since some of my favourite types of fanfic are those that take something like a game series or anime I watched as a child and twist it somewhat darker, I decided to try that myself and go for pokemon. I've never really been one for forums and stuff but i'm looking forwards to giving it a shot here since I’m a big pokemon fan and there are some interesting sections (roleplaying/collab stories I find fun and will check out and while i'm terrible at it I enjoy playing Mafia) though I wouldn't expect to see me in the main discussion forums much until i've done my first play-through of Y just in case :p

Uhh, that's about it for talking about me I think. I've always been pretty terrible at these sort of threads >.>
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