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    I open the door at the sudden call of my name, only to find an empty space in which darkness resides. I close the door and shrug my shoulders, only to find I'm on the wrong side of the door. I'm tired so I'm careless. The darkness is almost relaxing, as if I don't really have much to care about. I see the usual black spec roam across my field of vision as it would, but also feel an unearthly presence that seems to unnerve me in some ways. The black specs disappear after a while, as they roam a different place, and soon I get the feeling that something has happened. I look to the sky, and to my surprise, many of these black specs are floating, heading into one direction. The black specs, as I say, are actually demons. They aren't lethal, but they act like an absol, and appear where bad things happen. For me, they are always around me, but never this many. they appear to be going somewhere, something bad has happened. That voice. It was Max, was it not?

    Skarmory stands by my side. I hop on, and the black specs move slightly as my boy takes flight. I hover for a second before gaining some direction and attempting to follow these specs. I'll have to travel alongside them so I don't disrupt the flow of time, as that is what they feed of. I am soon gliding slowly, attempting to follow these tiny things, however occasionally I am getting lost in the air. It's dificult to track these things.

    10 minutes pass, and soon I see something in the distance. A helicopter of sorts, hovering far above the earth. It's stationary at the moment. As I come nearer to the tank I notice the sun just peaking over the horizon, it's already dawn. The specs here are flying around like mad here, this is definitely where they are leading me. I land above this thing, but the wind and sound from the roofed propellers is enough to make anyone deaf, unfortunately this is my only option. I call back Skarmory for safety, and find a spot on the top of the plane that fits have of my body. I slide in and grasp the top. This isn't the ordinary way of following a ship, but I don't see any other way of following it without being noticed.

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