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    I walked back into Kaitlyn's house. Most of the pokemon had fallen asleep. Blaziken, Gardevoir and Pangoro were still waiting, but it seemed like they were talking to one another. The Pikachu that had come with me had fallen asleep on my shoulder and I slowly took if of my shoulder and laid him near Eevee, who was asleep. Pangoro nodded when I put down Pikachu and then took a spot near the wall were he would sleep. Blaziken and Gardevoir followed and took spots near one another. Which wasn't a surprise. Gardevoir and Blaziken seemed to like one another very much, which was odd. He figured that they knew one another for so long that they just loved being friends. Ralts was my second pokemon I had caught after I started a journey with my Torchic. It seemed Kaitlyn was in the kitched, so I entered. She was washing dishes.

    "Need help?" I ask, but there was no response.

    I figured she was thinking about her pokemon that were stolen. So I helped myself in helping her and went over to the sink and started rinsing the dishes and drying them.

    "Oh! I am sorry Iruko, I had not noticed you helping." She said, blood rushed to her head in embarrassment.

    I smiled, "Well... just be glad I am a friend. Then again, I am sure I would have been torn to shread by your lovely pokemon." I said with a chuckle.

    She put her hand over her mouth to muffle a chuckle so she didn't wake the pokemon.

    "Come on, let's go watch TV in the other room so we don't wake the pokemon up. Pangoro get's cranky if he is woke up when he is sleeping." She said, she took my hand and dragged me to one of the other rooms of many rooms where we sat down on a couch and watched TV. Of course the news was on and they were talking about the explosion the night before. I covered my face with my hands, the good thing about the metal arm, is I could still feel my hand and it was warm. I still had my whole arm, but it was still broken. Surprising, I hardly felt pain. I guess I had already felt so much main that it was nothing.


    "Iruko, you never told me... but why did you do that? Absol said that everyone escaped, but why do something so bad?" She asked.

    I thought for a second to find the correct words..... "Because I will do whatever it takes to save my sister and parents." I said.

    "If you care so much for your sister... why did you give me the necklace and not Loryn, you said that she reminded you of your sister."

    "That is because... well I don't know... the old man said it was just how.... things worked our sometimes." I said.

    "Old man? Who are you talking about? Speaking of which... how did your survive?" She asked.

    "Eagun the First. You see Celebi saved me and took my to your grandfather. He saved me and he gave me this arm, which belonged to the boy who saved Orre so long ago... well not exactly, but they same model. I was only gone for about... 6 hours, this time correct? In reality, I was in the past for a year before I came back. That is why I look so different." I say.

    "You met my great grandfather!? That is awesome!" She said.

    "I didn't only meet him, he trained me to become a better person. He taught me the basics of controlling my emotions... which I still have a long way to go. I also battled him." I say with a smile thinking about the battle.

    "No way! You battled the Legendary Trainer!? How did you do?" She asked.

    I recall the battle and tell her every detail. I saw her eyes light up when I said that a Pikachu defeated a fully evolved pokemon. I tell her that Eagun said I would have one if I hadn't held back.

    "You must me an amazing trainer. There is no way I would have beat you in the Hoenn League." Kaitlyn said.

    "Anything is possible. Tomorrow... if I have time, I will show you two of my pokemon's true power. And teach you about them." I say.

    We kept talking for about an hour. She ended up falling asleep on my shoulder. I was tired myself, really tired. I got up as best as I could and then picked up Kaitlyn in my arms. I took her to her bedroom and laid her down on the King size bed. and covered her up with the blankets. I returned to the room where we watched TV and turned it off, it wasn't far from the room Kaitlyn was in. I laid on the couch and quickly fell asleep.
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