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It's definitely so much more fun to go in "blind" when it comes to new Pokemon games.. but I just get so tempted and end up looking at news anyway. @[email protected] X and Y are going to be amazing so next month couldn't come any faster. I think I probably will pay a little more for the preorder to get it sooner since waiting a few extra days will just be a killer haha. Especially when everyone around you will be going crazy and talking about it!

Welcome to PC, Manska. It's very good to meet you! It's amazing to hear you're looking to dabble into our fanfiction/writing board as it could use more activity. We have some fabulous writers here as well as artists and game-makers. The community is one of the more creative ones I've seen. :) Sounds like you're the kind of person who will really love the community - awesome! Perhaps this will be that one forum exception for you and you end up being an active regular. Would suck if we lost you, after all, since you seem really cool.

Have a lovely time here! Feel free to message me if you need some assistance. :D

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