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Wooohooooo~ It's time for me to mark down my progress so far:

Name: LGD
Essences: 0 so far /crys

> First we met Impa, who asks to drag a rock away. MENTAL STRENGTH AHOY
> We see loads of animals on the way - including monkeys!
> Soon we see a crowd, and someone was kind enough to scoot out of the way so we can hear it. She's quite good!
> We're introduced to Ralph, who acts like an ass, but then we meet Nayru, who seems like a sweetheart!
> Theeeen Impa turns evil. Apparent with the "Ahahahahahaha!". The alter-ego from her comes out, introducing her as 'Veran', as she then possess Nayru. Oh no.
> Nayru goes on a rampage, where eeeeevil stuff happs; people and animal disappear, time goes outta wack and EVIL STUFF HAPPENS /RUNNNN
> Ralph becomes angry and threatens to slicer her to bits, but if he does Nayru dies and he'll be real sorry. Nayru then fleds in some time portal, and we are all alone as Ralphy runs away
> Impa wakes up nonchalantly and gives us the Wooden Sword

(it doesn't sound like WOOD tho)
> Now we go to town and into a shop:


> And we also get THE RING OF FRIENDSHIP! yaaay

> Goin' through Maku road! Nothing is in here! Hooray for non-activity!
> Then I met the Maku Tree, and.. she dies. My breath wasn't that bad.
> Ah, but we can go back in time to rescue her! Thrrrough the portal. However, it was awkward as then some dude thought we were from space like Nayru and then runs off.
> Going south through the town, we come across the BLACK TOWER OF DEATH, where I saw workers working against their will with ridiculous hours and is slowly passing off from lack of dehydration. Let's get a shovel from them!

> I can help them dig stuff but decide not to.

> Instead, we go back to Maku Road, where this time, it's crawling with Keese, and Stalchilds. Fortunately, I didn't get hurt, so, the challenge is going good so far!
> Then I see the baby Maku tree in trouble, and its time to slay some Moblins! Soon I aquire victory, with the sweet sound of success!
> Though, I have to take off soon, back to the future.

> Which seemed fine, until the tree wanted to marry me. What.

> ...She still remembers. Damn.

> Tells me about the Yoll Graveyard to the east, which is the first dungeon!

> Now I also get a Seed Satchel! It has Flare seeds! Time to buuurn things!
> Coming to the east, some kids talk about a ghost. Then they run off. But I'm brave, so I press on.

> Acquired the Graveyard Key, where they didn't tell me where it fits in whatsoever. Till we reach a gate and tried it there.

> First Dungeon sighted!
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