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    Originally Posted by pokemonlover111 View Post
    It says, as you may be able to guess, 'This tree looks like it can be cut down.'
    I ask because the event does not start until you officially try to actually cut it down
    if it still doesnt work then I must have screwed up somewhere

    Originally Posted by Dark_Thunder View Post
    My God... YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
    Some First's:
    - Love Interest
    - 17 Year Old Protagonist (Good Thinking Btw)
    - Ancestor Pokémon (Might Not Be A First)
    - Pokémon Counter Parts (Also May Nit Be A First

    Omg!!! Also I'm A Beginner Spriter. Any Tips? Also Id Love To Help! Wow When I Saw This I Was AMAZEDDDDD!!!! I Love This! In Fact Im Playing The Demo RIGHT THE FLIP NOWWWW!! This Is My First Ultimate Reaction To A Game Like This. PM Me About The Help And Spriting Thing. My God I Love This!!! Cant Wait Till Its Done!
    You Have My Full Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha. (Too Much Chocolate)
    - Dark Thunder

    Quote: Remember, Sky's The Limit!
    wow o-o thanks haha, thankl you for your many kind words

    I liked the idea of what I've done, its nice to know others do too

    i'll PM u I guess about the other stuff
    thank you for your support

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