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    I got Ninjask'd by Hikari10 (again)!

    Welcome! I remember when I first came across this place, it was my first forum and I couldn't find my way around for the life of me. It gets easier, but I'll explain it out a little bit.

    The entire forum is separated into various sub-forums. You can click on the titles of each section to explore what topics are in there. The topics started by various users are called threads. Click on the threads and comment away to your hearts content. You can start your own thread by clicking on the "Forum Tools" and selecting "Post a New Thread". Just make sure there isn't already a thread that already has the same idea, and that it's in the right section. Click on the banner up top to return to the main menu, or there is a "map" right under that, that you can use as well.

    I hope that I helped a little bit and my explanation wasn't too confusing. You can ask just about anyone if you have any questions, but Moderators, Super Moderators, and Administrators are going to give the best answers.

    Why don't you tell us a but more about yourself? What's your favorite part of the franchise?

    Hope to see you around and happy posting!
    PairPC sister
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