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Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
being sent to Johto, the land from which no main character returns.
This made my day xD

Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
Yeah I don't think Garchomp is meaning to do harm? Like I said it looks like it's being controlled or rampaging due to pain. If Ash ends up with a Lucario then that may bring back an Aura plotline... idk. Lucario have been fairly predominant in the anime, esp for a 'mon the main cast hasn't actually owned. I feel like it's weird to feature it again.
Aura plotline would be interesting... they would have plot without even trying but... I think Aura plot started and ended with movie =) (Even though they wanted to revive it with Ranger Riolu episodes)

Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
Me too. Like at this point... if they brought Charizard back for Megas- which is probable since he didn't do much in Episode N or Decolore- then there's no point in sending him back to the valley in between. Ash should just take him on to Kalos, because otherwise they'll just have to deal with sending him back and then bringing him over again once Ash gets closer to Korrina and there's no point to that hassle.
While I also do believe Charizard was brought back precisely because of that I don't think he will traver with Satoshi right from the start...
1) Satoshi would be OP for the first Gym Battle
2) He was saving Pikachu by falling from the tower (I know he wouldn't prefer using Charizard to jumping but if he had him it would probably happen)
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