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    Nobody post this yet-

    So Ash & Serena knew each other !
    I like to see Ash talk about a promise he made to a Childhood friend a long time of ago at the final episode of Best Wishs (Worst Wishs) ! The episode will have a Short 2 secant flashback of an Unknown who will later reveal to be Serena .

    Originally Posted by franko94 View Post
    Here is what I feel will be going on with Ash and Co's party.

    Ash will have Pikachu (obviously), Charizard (for mega), Froakie OR Fennekin (Fully evolved, not mega), Talonflame, and Vivillon. If Bonnie is there, I could see her getting Chespin and not evolving it.
    If Ash bring back Charizard for Megevolution then It gave less reason for Ash to catch a Talonflame !
    From Marketing point of View , I believe Pyroar is much better choice because Kids obviously like to Ash riding on a his huge Pyroar and also giving Bonnic Or any other children a ride .
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