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Aw, well, here at PC, you'll find loads of members who like Pokemon as much as you do! Myself included! Bu yeah, it's really nice to meet you; feel free to call me LGD, or Shawn if you'd like! There's loads of Pokemon boards for you to visit, like as mentioned, Pokemon General, and there's also Pokemon Gaming Central if you'd like to talk about the games in general, and there's even some pokemon-game specific boards like Pokemon X & Pokemon Y!

Hm, so, you like to Roleplay? I haven't Roleplayed in a while, myself. Probably because of lack of motivation and a few other things from me. I'm trying to fix that, but.. it's tough if you don't have any motivation, y'know? However, I do love to roleplay regardless, and, I'm really glad that you're interested in roleplaying too. There are loads of people down at the Roleplay Corner who are willing to help you out with RPing, y'know~ Try introducing yourself at the Roleplay Discussion Thread!. If you're new to RPing, I'm very sure that someone will welcome and be glad to assist you in RPing! Myself included!

But yeah, all I can tell ya' is don't be shy! There are loooooads of people who are willing to help you if you have any troubles, or questions about anything! As the people above me said, you can ask a staff member to help! A staff member like myself, for instance, or anyone you'd see that has a blue or orange or red username! Feel free to ask anyone that's willing to help too. <3 With all that, I'm gonna say, I hope you'll have a great and memorable time here in PC~!
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