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Welcome to the forums Escape!

It's nice hearing you're getting back into Pokemon. I have to admit, I've though of quitting Pokemon before , but it's so hard to put down! I was gonna stop with generation IV, but I ended up playing White Version and loving it so here I am now still playing Pokemon at 21. XD But nothing wrong with that. You're never too old for Pokemon. And it's just so much fun and so addicting that I can't put it down. Are you planning on getting Pokemon X and Y when they come out? Personally they look like they will be beyond amazing! Maybe even the best games so far! But this is a good place to reconnect with Pokemon as we have a good diversity when it comes to discussing Pokemon. And if you're devolving a Pokemon game yourself, LGDArms and Negix both mentioned good places you can go to learn how to make a game yourself. Game Development in particular might be best for you if your wanting to make a game from scratch and Emulation& ROM Hacking for obviously ROM hacks. Either way, this is one of the best places for both. There's a whole lot to do here so just spend a good time exploring. :)

Anways, hope you have a fun time here. Moderators such as LGDArm and the other staff in orange and red are always there to help you out if you need it. And feel free to VM or PM me as well! I'm really nice and like talking to people. See ya later!
im back
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