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Originally Posted by goldengyarados View Post
I've been lurking these forums for quite some time now and have read many a fiction. I'd certainly like to write one of my own but I've been struggling to come up with original idea, or maybe my obsessive pursuit of originality is stifling my creativity. Perhaps a good story is not necessarily born from of a single moment of inspiration but rather many smaller ideas all cleverly stitched together to form a cohesive narrative, but even is this is the case, some definitive starting point is still necessary. I'm going round in circles here and most probably over thinking things. Hmmm...maybe I should just start writing and see where that takes me.

What do you think?
I always have tons of ideas in my head. Some get used for roleplays, others could become fics if I put some effort in them.

But one thing that can definitely make a good base for a story, and sometimes even let the plot unfold in your head easily as you type and plan, is characters. Characters and histories and personalities and relationships. Create a few defined characters in your mind (or on paper, if you prefer to write while you think, I sometimes do) and think about how they would interact. And maybe you can realize that they probably grew up this or that way, and there could probably be something in that history that could be built on to make a plot and something in this or that character's personality that makes it likely that they would act in that plot and make a story.

That's how I do it in my head. But I'm not really a seasoned fic writer, so maybe others have better ideas for how to actually get an idea growing and out into written form. As my ideas most often don't :p And if there's something else you have as a key plot for a fic, I still think creating well developed characters that you know you want to have in the story somewhere is a good driving force for eventually realizing how the plot should unfold.

Something about narrative though, because that's important in forum RPing as well - don't strain yourself too hard to write well or beautifully or complicatedly. Less is more, sometimes, unless there is a mood or setting you really really want to convey to the reader. But even then, I'd say write what feels right.

Then, there are writers who want to struggle with every word and sentence to make them perfect, I guess. Everyone finds their own style.
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