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    Originally Posted by Linkman806 View Post
    I started mostly because of ProJared Nuzlockes's a lot harder then i thought
    It is VERY hard. I was doing 2 at the same time and after horrible carnage (you can look it up in past pages) and due to starting school i quit.

    BUT, i am ready to embark on a new challenge so:
    Game: Sacred Gold (i just wanna finish it god!!)

    1st update:

    Picked male, Idan.
    Got Chikorita (male) from Prof.Elm, called "Kaede" (maple leaf in japanese) + i hate it sooo much i decided to check if he is that bad as i think...he is.
    -Got Eevee from Cynthia, Male, called "Derpeon III" (don't ask what happened to the first 2...damn you sacred gold!!)

    Kaede, lvl 7
    Derpeon III, lvl 5
    BODY COUNT:0 (yay)
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