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The Finale: Part 1

Wisps of fire illuminated the dank corridor. The cautious fox Pokémon was deep in the tomb by now, already trapped by the maze of corridors and darkness - the only way to head was forwards. Every step he took caused an echo - his ears pricked up for any sound of danger, ready to spring back and retreat at a moment's notice.

"No need to be so cautious. You know we're more than capable." The Sky Shaymin from behind giggled. "You'll get grey fur!"

Rolling his eyes, the Ninetales pushed forwards. Swifty was confident in his ability, but after countless others had entered the tomb - never to come back - he was in no rush to proceed.

Focusing, the fox Pokémon gathered psychic energy, pushing his wisps of fire further down the tunnel, illuminating the way. "We're close."

"To what, exactly?" Skymin glided silently to the ground, her feet making a soft tap on the dirt in front of Swifty. The light illuminated up her face to reveal a mixture of emotions; worry, anxiety but above all, exceeding curiosity and excitement.

"Who knows," Swifty replied, uncertain of what laid ahead. "Treasure, riches, there's been so many rumours of what lies in the depths of this place that it could be anything." Of course, most of the rumours were unfounded, whispers amongst those who had never laid eyes on the tomb, let alone ventured inside it.

"Treasure... Nice," Skymin muttered, her eyes lighting up.

A yellow glow lit up the distant stone wall, not a glow from fire, this time, but something new. "This could be it." His eyes grew large in wonder as the pair made their way to the end - the glow eminating from the gaps around a large, golden door.

"Well, we're not getting any younger. Let's open it!" Skymin leapt forward, nudging her head at the door. The door was heavy, and probably super thick too. Her physical strength probably wasn't gonna cut it. She was just gonna have to blow the door up. "Stand back, would you?

Light began to form around her body and within moments, there was a flash of blue and green, Skymin letting off one of her most powerful moves; Seed Flare. The door was no match for its power, a nice size hole where Skymin had fired at with golden light leaking out.

"Ladies first." Skymin held a paw out, sjirachiing a little at her male companion.

Swifty jumped through the freshly cleared hole, gracefully landing on the other side - the treasure room. The glow eminated from a single point, an object resting on an intricately carved, marble pillar.

"We... we found it..." he said, in shock, mostly to himself. In awe, the fox pokémon stumbled forwards towards the mysterious treasure.

"It's a... it's a..." The glow was much too bright, but she needed to get closer to get a good look at what kind of marvelous treasure this was meant to be. So many before had risked their lives for this, but her and Swifty had been the ones to successfully find it! It must be worth hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Poké to be such a sought after item. One final step and she could see its wonders. And...!

"Is that... an egg?" The disappointment in her voice was all too obvious. "An egg?!

Stepping up to the stand, Swifty looked at the treasure closely. "It seems that way," he stated, calmly, trying to assess the situation. Was the egg hidden here? What kind of egg could be so valuable? Would something hatch from it?

"We should grab it and get ouf of here," the fox suggested, suddenly fearful of the tomb. Using a psychic technique, eyes glowing an eerie purple, Swifty lifted the egg of its podium and steadily floated it towards the broken, golden door.

Written by Magic Fox and Skymin
More to come!