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    I barely play Pokemon Competavly, but I know a little about the metagame. My opinions for this will not completely be based on the metagame, but will influence some of my decissions. For this list I will pick 2 pokemon from Gen I to Gen V.

    Gen I Overated Pokemon.
    Pikachu. A frail yellow mouse. The mascot of the series. While it is entertaining to watch Pikachu win in the anime. It is sad to see Pikachu's hp bar drindle down to nothing in the main game.
    Eevee . This gimmick pokemon gets all of the love, and then some. Yes Eevee is good, but there are tons of other mammal like pokemon to love on. Especially Skitty, and Glameow.

    Gen II Overated Pokemon.
    Tyranitar. People accredit this pokemon with absolute destruction. Whenever I see a T tar I see a creature who is protective and caring who isn't afriad of getting aggresive of protecting who she loves.
    Skarmory. Silver bird takes special hits all day. Kind of difficult to train too, and did little for me during my main game play. Cool looking but a tad bit overrated.

    Gen III
    Gardevoir. When I used to visit the dark side of the internet I saw the horrors of poke******* and trying to make Gardevoir thier waifu..... The new Fairy typing however peaked my interest in using her/him. :)
    Mudkip. While I used to enjoy the Mudkip meme. He has been outclassed by Oshawott. I like Oshawott more because he has feelings :)

    Gen IV
    Heatran. This thing e_e. This pokemon grinds my gears. It is ugly (my opinion) but is used for the great defence and offence it can provide. Also amazing typing to absorb Ice Beams, and Fire Attacks.
    Rotom-W. This thing is e-e; I don't hate Rotom's but come on Lanturn is a pokemon too! D:

    Gen 5
    Ferrothorn. Stated in the OP
    Every OU B/W Pokemon. Except Jellicent

    Special Mention: Scizor. Scythor looks way better than this Red Steel Candy Apple Bullet Punching Life Orb Choice Band Swords Dance Physical Genesect. (Genesect is way ugly to me)

    Upgrading Pokemon