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The only optional rule I really want to use is that I have to nick-name all my Pokemon.
This is my first Nuzlocke so I don't want it too difficult.

Update 1:
Did Pre-Game stuff. Named myself GFX and the rival was just Green.
Got my Pokemon, Leonardo the Squirtle.
Beat Green's Bulbasaur.
Did the Parcel and all that good stuff and got my PokeBalls.
First Pokemon was a level 3 female Pidgey on Route 1.
Caught it and named it Blue forgetting it was a girl.
Went over to Route 22 and caught a level 2 Mankey.
It died instantly to another Pidgey.
Went to Route 2 and saw a Ratatta and really didn't feel like catching.
Went through Virdian Forest and OHKOED a Weedle with Tackle .-.
Went to Brock and Leonardo made Brock look silly.

Current Team:
Leonardo the Squirtle - Level 14
Blue the Pidgey - Level 12

2-2 Mankey to a level 3 Pidgey
Completed Challenges:
Randomized Pokemon Challenge
Solo Run - Alakazam