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Uh, thanks for more welcomes, I guess... sorry
Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Hi there Cheeyev, welcome!

And hey, I have autism/aspergers as well so I guess we'll get on really well I say. And I have to say nice avatar btw, you're a sprite artist? HackDeoxys pointed you over to the Art & Design section if you're into art
No, I fuse Pokemon... I'm not even some sort of Fakemon Spriter, because I fail at spriting, I think... I doubt I'll get a welcoming there.

Originally Posted by Meganium90
Anyways, it is a pleasure to see you here, sweetheart! I see you are a Poke-Fusionist, right? You should check out the Pixel Art section if you like to show off your stuff! We have a lot of Pixel artists who love to make art as well as to show off their work. :D There's also contests, duels, games, and so much more. Check it out, yeah?
It doesn't help that I feel like an outcast because I ranted about Pokemon X & Y... Eh, I doubt people will like it but sure I'll visit there... Too bad I'm too lazy to put all my Poke-Fusions on one image. And even then I think I'll get insulted for those and not complimented.

Originally Posted by Jeanne1571
Hello. Welcome to Pokecommunity! Anyways, no need to be shy, as if you make a 'mistake', you shouldn't really care. You're on the internet. nobody really knows who you are, and won't harass you (They'll get banned if they do. well they should)
It doesn't help me that I have OCD... And even then I force myself to show my real side. sorry
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