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Also, another Hoenn RP? I now miss Ariel...

Gah, why do all the RPs I join die?!


Hello newcomer!

Anyway, I was thinking of making a beginner-friendly RP different from the original one I'm making. Think of it sorta like a training ground for new RPers, since one of the rules of the RP is to control many characters at once.

Of course, this makes it so that players must write in third-person... That's not a problem here, right?

I'm going to make it a Girls und Panzer RP. Anyone interested? And yes, you may create male characters, despite the title.

Since my original is still under works and my RPM skills (Role Playing Master, that's what I call GMs.) are pretty rusty, this will be the one sandbox-ish RP I'll run until I quit RPing, which isn't anytime soon.

... What, no takers?