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Update 2:
Easily beat the Pre Mt. Moon trainers and evolved Squirtle.
Finished Mt. Moon with a Wartortle and a Pidgeotto as well as a Zubat.
Went to Cerlean City and beat Green and all the other trainers as well as caught an Oddish.
Lost the Oddish and Zubat to beat Misty.
Went to Vermillion and caught and trained a Diglett named Doug and a Meowth named Bill Gates. Meowth was poisoned and killed, but Diglett stayed strong beating me through Lt. Surge and helping against Green to get cut.

Current Team:
Leonardo the Wartortle- Level 27
Blue the Pidgeotto- Level 25
Doug the Diglett- Level 24.

Mankey to a Pidgey.
Zubat to Staryu
Oddish to Staryu
Meowth to Weedle
Completed Challenges:
Randomized Pokemon Challenge
Solo Run - Alakazam