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Davian Krotesse and Angelique Everett:
The start of a complicated and oddly shaped relationship.

Angelique began to grow bored of having to sit for a while when someone attempted to make their way to their seat in the row she was sitting in. As the guy pushed his way past, Angelique noticed that it was that supercute Metalbender from earlier today that she had seen for at least two seconds - and he was much cuter when you got a better look at him.

Julienne nudged Angelique with her elbow, making a suggestive nod towards the guy who sat down in the seat next to her leaned back immediately, fixating a bored gaze towards the workers on the platform. Angelique rolled her eyes.

The match was taking quite some time to start, and Angelique was starting to get bored. "Julienne, where are the benders? Wasn't the match supposed to start at 8? It's already 8:07."

"Calm down, girl." Julienne reassured, her mouth filled with endless chicken that made her words sound like a jumbled mess of "alhhm wowwn goihl". She swallowed the greasy food and shook her hair, letting it fall back where it was supposed to be. "The Benders gotta prepare properly. It's only seven minutes."

"It hasn't been like that for any of the other matches." Angelique countered.

"Well, this is the finals. There's probably a lot more stuff that needs to be done before they can start." Julienne explained. She was eager to end this conversation and get back to that super smexy chicken breast in her hand that was wailing her name with its wonderfully greasy skin and meat. "You know all those introductions that they do during the last few matches? They probably have to set those up, y'know."

"They've had all day though." Angelique replied, starting to feel a bit stingy. "Why do they have to do everything last minute? Are the employees all high-school students?"

"Well, if you account for interns..."

And so, Angelique and Julienne began another debacle in the stands. It wasn't nearly as loud as their argument in the station, but it was definitely more audible than it should be. A few people in the back looked down the stands to see what the commotion was, and someone muttered that the two girls were really annoying.

The stadium staff were taking far too long to start things up whatever they were doing, just another time Davian wished he had brought a novel with him or something. He leaned back a bit more and was beginning to finally relax with the knowledge that the noise of the match starting would surely wake him up if he took a little nap... when his eyes shot back open at a sound that was quickly becoming all too familiar.

"Look, all I'm saying is that if you're getting paid a lot of money to work here, you should be doing your job on time." Angelique snapped. "Believe me, I know the wages for people who work here. These people should be working Godspeed with their payment."

"They're human, Angelique. You seem to forget that a lot nowadays. They can only work so fast."

"Work? Someone down there is on a break!"

"How would you know that?"

"I used my eyes, genius!"

"Don't you wear contacts?"

"That has nothing to do with this!"

"Excuse me! Some of us would like to actually hear what happens when things finally get moving if you don't mind." Davian had stood up in hopes it would help make his point. He hadn't had anything interesting to do or even watch for weeks and he wasn't gonna let two girls ruin the first interesting event he had going.

Angelique turned around immediately as the Metalbender spoke, rather rudely at that. She stood up and faced him. She was definitely shorter than he was (he probably casted a shadow on her) but she was unafraid nonetheless. "You're excused. Mind your own buisness, metalhead. And don't think that standing up gives you some kind of advantage over me. I might be 5"4, but you don't scare me in the slightest."

Davian tried to stop the scowl that threatened to take over his face but his attempts were a rousing failure. "Something isn't just your business anymore when it happens in the public forum, especially if it's disrupting other people's enjoyment. Besides, I don't scare people; either I'm civil or I'm not, and you'd know if I wasn't being civil. Just do everyone a favor and keep it down don't you know there are people here who had to save up for months to be here?"

Anglique scoffed, not believing that someone was talking to her like this again. Maybe it was a full moon. "Alright buddy, listen here. If we were bothering other people, they would say something. But they didn't, because we're not. You're the only person who has an issue, and frankly your attitude gives me reason to not care at all about what you think. So why don't you keep it down, and leave me and my friend alone? I've had enough with idiot guys like you today, and I'm at the end of my wits with people like you. So shut up, sit down, and -"

"Angelique!" Julienne slapped her arm, preventing her from saying what could have been a rather offensive statement. "Just sit down. There's no need to make a big scene."

"There's a need. I've dealt with Bird Freak and Nolan today, and frankly Metalhead here is the straw that's breaking the camel's back." She turned back to Davian, still talking to Julienne. "And I think he should sit down before I break something, preferrably one of his limbs."

"Don't be so sure." Davian swept his arm around him at some of the people who had been muttering when the two girls started being noisy and now were just agape in stunned silence. "A lot of people are too scared or lazy to speak up at people like you, especially when it's a girl with a chip on her shoulder. Girls like you just run their mouths all day because they think they're tough and most people wouldn't even raise their voice to you let alone stand up to you because they would never hit a girl."

He almost jabbed a finger near her face, but realized that wouldn't help and decided against it. "Well I've got news for you: whatever other guys you've dealt with aren't my problem, or anyone else's. And people a lot scarier than you have tried to break things on me with less than stellar results. So why don't you listen to your friend and try to be a bit more consi-"

Angelique had had enough. She angrily grabbed Davian by the collar of his shirt and drug him down to eye level with her. Her face was completely red, and her free hand had some inviting flames around it in addition to being clenched into a nice fist. "Alright buddy, you shut up and listen. I do not run my mouth, and I do not act tough. I am tough. I've beaten up guys a lot bigger than you, believe me. You wouldn't even be a worthy challenge. Frankly, I don't appreciate the tone you're giving me, and breaking any part of your body right now wouldn't even pose difficult for me. I wouldn't bat an eye. If you think that you're some kind of righteous preacher who can change people with one rude speech, you are so wrong. I recommend you zip your trap and sit back down in your seat before I take this fist and beat you back to this morning. Got it?"

"Oh yeah? That's a funny coincidence; it was just this morning that I was thinking it was too long since I had a good fight."

"Well, I'm more than eager to accept that challenge. Right now, if you want."

Davian smirked at Angelique and noticed she was quite the looker thanks to the closeness of their red faces. He put a hand on the arm that was squeezing his shirt so hard and stood up so that they were still face to face but now Davian was at his full height and Angelique's feet were about half a foot off of the floor.

This little jerk is asking for it... although he isn't really little from what I can tell. Angelique was not hindered by this cocky action - in fact, she encouraged it. She put her right foot on Davian's thigh, helping her keep her balance. "Want me to knock you out up here instead? I'm down for that."

Julienne was starting to get concerned. She was beginning to think that Angelique was legitimately going to fight this guy in the middle of the arena. A lot of people in the stands were whispering as they tried to predict the winner of this possible battle and debating whether or not someone should step in. "Uh guys... maybe you shouldn't -"

"No way; if I had to throw little ol' you from up here I might wreck that pretty face and I'm just not sure I could live with myself after that. If I was going to beat down a spicy little girl like yourself it would be somewhere your friend could pick up the pieces and cheer you up afterwards." He stopped his tirade for a moment and noticed Julienne for the first time since he'd stood up. Hold up a second... Am I really getting into it like this in public? Maybe the more feminine one has a point.

He let go of Angelique's arm much to the disappointment of the people who were starting to bet on the winner. "Listen, I've got better things to do than indulge a fiery little vixin with an attitude problem -"

But Angelique was far from done. "Don't think your backhanded compliments are gonna get you out of this. I could effortlessly fight you right in the stands, right now, and I would win. I know I would. If anything, you'd be the one in pieces. Ever felt the embarrassment of losing to a girl? It's not pretty."

Julienne slid between the two, afraid that Angelique would lunge at this guy any moment. "Oooookay, I think that's enough for right now. Angelique, maybe you'd like to switch seats with me? We can avoid more problems like this, and maybe not get kicked out."

"Fine. Hand me my bag." Angelique crossed her arms, angry that Julienne stopped her from tearing into this guy - which she almost wanted to do in more way than one, to be honest.

Davian couldn't stop himself from bristling again when the girl just would not let it go that when she stood up, he snatched her bag by its strap and thrust it at her mockingly. "Here you go ma'am, to your seat please."

"Alright punk, that's it!" Angelique threw her bag on the seat and attempted to jump forward, hands ablaze, until Julienne immediately stepped in and blocked her with her body. "Move Julienne!"

"Okay, this is a bit out of control." Julienne faked a smile at the guy as she struggled to hold back her flaming friend - and she definitely struggled, having to use the seat as leverage to keep herself from tumbling over. "I'm really sorry for, eh, her. I'll do my best to keep her under control, 'kay? I would just... not irritate her more. She's a lot stronger than I am and I don't think I can do this forever. If you could just apologize - and I'll make her say it too - I'm sure this'll just blow over and we can all be bitter penpals."

When Julienne spoke up more seriously and stopped Angelique from really starting a fight, Davian finally thought for a moment and realized what he was getting into. "You know what? You're absolutely right. I should have just spoken my opinion and let that be that." He grabbed the bag again and, this time, handed it to Julienne so she could give it to Angelique. "Getting into a fight over some noise is just stupid. I... I don't know what came over me; I bet we made a way bigger disturbance just now. I'm a huge hypocrite." He sat back in his seat for a moment and then turned towards them again. "Maybe a good argument with a Fire bending girl just got me a little hot under the collar - and please ignore how close that is to a pun. I'm serious, believe it or not."

Angelique had finally calmed down enough to listen to Metalhead apologizing, and, well, she was both flattered and somewhat attracted. "Well, heh... that happens." She laughed a little, and then a little more when she realized how unrational she was being. "I guess I can be loud sometimes... Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I'm just in a bad mood today is all. Y'know, dealing with guys all day does that. Okay, so I guess that's that. Sorry everyone!" She addressed the patrons in the stands who had been eagerly expecting a fight. "No fight!"

They all groaned and returned to whatever they were doing, someone mentioning that, "they shouldn't start a ruckus if they don't finish it." Julienne turned to Angelique, handing her the bag. "Okay, do you think you can be a big girl and sit in your seat without threatening to kill someone?"

Angelique rolled her eyes. "You're not my mother, Julienne." Nonetheless, she still sat down in her original seat - mostly because she actually thought that little dispute was hot in more ways than one, and was interested in knowing more about this Davian guy. "I'm not five."

"Well, you certainly act like it." Julienne commented, sitting down as well. Angelique almost countered back with a harsh comment, but figured that she was a bit worn out from the arguing, and decided against it.

"I gotta say." His tone was still a bit demeaning, but now Davian had a nostalgic smile on his face while he spoke to Julienne. "I wish I still had someone like you around to reign me in. I used to not get in to arguments so much..." A sudden mischievous impulse over took him and he stood up to yell even though nobody important would hear him. "Hey, how about getting this show on the road before we do something else stupid?!" Satisfied that he admitted what a jerk he was, he sat back down and crossed his arms to wait for the match. He peeked one eye back towards the girls and chuckled a bit. Arguing with a cute girl is definitely more fun than beating up some random jerk, that's for sure.

Angelique did her best to cover her face once the guy stood up and yelled about their crazy arguing antics, which had caused some people in the stands to laugh. "Oh God, now I'm starting to feel embarrassed..." She whispered to Julienne, who simply laughed in return. "Stop me before I do something like that again, please."

"No problem."

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