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    What five words would you choose to describe your personality?
    Simple, dedicated, vigilant, quiet, thoughtful, and agreeable.

    What do you consider your greatest achievement?
    I would considered my greatest achievement was when I evolved into a Crobat and beat Typhon, the leader of the Wind Masters in a race. I felt so accomplished, and everyone was very proud of me.

    When and where are you the happiest?
    I am most happy when I can look around myself and everything is functioning smoothly, within a calm air, and in a peaceable motion. I experience this everyday as I roost contently, gazing at the scenery on top of the pinnacle.

    You guard the Sky Plate. How much would you sacrifice to keep it safe?
    I would sacrifice whatever is necessary to keep it out of the wrong hands.

    For how long have you been guarding it?
    For about four years

    Did guarding it change you, as a person?
    No, not really. Although association with thee Skyhaven council over the years does give me insight and knowledge of the events of Atlica.

    Has there been anyone who tried to get to the Plate? A thief, a criminal?
    There were a number of attempts to take the plate the first few years. However as they were all disposed of and my fierce reputation of the Sky Plate guardian grew, less and less pokemon with the intention of stealing the plate come to the Pinnacle.

    Does it get lonely where you are currently living?
    During my time as the Plate's caretaker, I cant say that I've ever been noticeably lonely. Both the fealing of solitude and the presence of company alike have felt like its own fortress to me.

    What's your favorite food that you hardly ever find?
    Though the nearby forest is littered with berries of many varieties, I scramble to find Sitris Berries which are always ripe refreshing to the body.

    What are your religious views? Do you think the Paragon of the Sky is the God that deserves to be praised most, or you think Arceus is superior to every other being?
    I believe that while the Paragons are powerful entities, that Arceus as the creator of the plates and Paragons themselves is superior. This does not mean that I do not also respect the Paragons, just a lesser degree.

    What are your political views? Surely, as the sole guardian of the Plate, you are an important individual in Skyhaven, which means every political party would want to be on your good side. The Council, the Trade Prince, the Cyalan Ambassador - which is the lesser evil, do you believe?
    Even though i try to stay impartial to the pilitical parties, I'm not a fan of King Aion and the Cylans nor do I believe the Trade Prince's motives are completely pure. I currently view the Skyhaven council to be the most benevolent at most times.

    Do you think that the crusade for justice King Aion started in Duskwood against the Anonymous Brotherhood was righteous? Or do you think he did it to acquire the Plate?
    Weather or not the crusade was for the plate doesn't change the fact that the action was excessive. The plate was probably the King's Primary motive.

    Have you ever been in Area 52, have you met Elder Durand? If yes, are you familiar with the cause of the heroes that have set out in a journey?
    No but I did receive the message. However I could not leave the Pinnacle for such an extended period of time to visit area 52. One of the heroes however, has informed me of their quest.

    Are you able to take a life freely? Do you think it has any value that you have to respect?
    I've had to take lives before, namely those who insist on the theft of the SkyPlate despite warnings. So yes, I can take the lives of people who are shamelessly wicked. I do respect the value of life however.

    Are you an honest person, or a shady one?
    I'm honest and fairly direct.

    If you are weary of intruders, how do you treat people in general? Since you seem distant, perhaps they'll get the wrong impression of you.
    I am weary of intruders and am not usually very lenient when it comes to people who intentionally trespass. This has lead people to believe that I am a mean and scary person, which at least the former isn't true. I do find my general demeanor to repel rather than to attract most of the time. However I find myself very dedicated to those I do happen to get to know.

    Describe the routine of a normal day for you. How do you feel when this routine is disrupted?
    In the morning I do my routinely flight in and around the area then perimeter of the pinnacle grounds. Then I eat a morning meal, usually with things i find and cook myself. Mid-day is mostly filled with routine battle and flight exercises followed by the reading of the many books and tomes most graciously provided for me. However during these activities my senses are as vigilant as ever and prepared to spot any intruder. Evening to dusk I usually stiffen my patrols and surveillance. I can't fathom why many people seem to believe that invading the vessel would somehow be easier under the cover of night, disregarding that I am inherently a creature of the night. I usually find time for sleep during dawn or the slow hours of mid-day.

    Though I value my schedule but I do appreciate a change of pace from time to time. Such as when old friends stop by shortly, or when I'm called to Skyhaven by the council. However I do get annoyed when a theft attempt arises or the weather is bad for an extended period of time.
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