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So, I personally think that we've discussed the enforcing of this law pretty exhaustively. The matter at hand that demands attention though, is the matter of actually getting people under 13 to be able to actually stay and/or register here.

There needs to be a solid way to get proof of parental consent. If you haven't got any and you're under 13, NEVER reveal your age, your identity, nor any other sensitive information! That law (as stupid as we see it to be) protects you from identity theft, among other things that I will not mention.

So far, a good method is simply getting your parents to write a brief letter, sign it, and then scan it onto the computer. Send it to an admin and then wait for the green light to go through. Until then, sit tight and don't panic.

There may be other ways, but this in my opinion has been the best one so far. In the meantime, do not reveal sensitive information. This is a Pokemon forum anyway, so you shouldn't be showing off to the whole world that you're a kid. It's rather pointless and it only drags things down on all sides -- not to mention that there ARE people who seek to take advantage of you because of it.

So, just hang tight, and if you're able to get consent from your parents, do so. It's the best route to take, unless your 13th birthday is around the corner and you've not been ratted out yet.

This rule has been put in place for everyone's protection. Government fines aren't a joke. They're extremely expensive, and if Steve got fined, he would not be able to hold this site up after that -- especially since it's run in great part by donations from people like us.

I've also mentioned how under-13 people are protected from a mess by this. Get your parents to consent, as they likely will. Just take a screenshot of the letter and send it straight to an admin, as they're the ones who are sorting this out.

I'm just as upset by this as anyone else is, but unfortunately there isn't really an option but to play along, and do so with a level head.
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