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You want to know what I just realized? I just realized that there's nothing like the feeling of being stuck on how to continue for a couple weeks. It's so aggravating seeing the story you worked so hard on collect dust because you can't think of a way on how to continue. Today, I just broke through my writer's block and wrote probably my favorite part of my entire fic. I realized that there isn't a feeling like that and I get a certain rush when I write, a rush that I want to feel again and again. But the most important thing I realized, is that starting college wanting to become a mechanical engineer might not be the best thing for me. I realized that writing might just be the thing I want to do for the rest of my life.

I feel bad that that this post was all about me, but I just had my epiphany and I want to have my moment and share it with the world. I'll sleep on it tonight and see if this feeling is just temporary or not (I'm kind of hoping it's not temporary).

an exploration of their experience as a human being and what would happen to them if someone were to leave a very large dead fish in their apartment.
I've got to agree with RHCP (sorry, didn't feel like typing out your entire name) on this one, you should quote this in your signature, you'll probably get more attention. I'm guessing that this pertains to you current fic, "Cracked, or how the love of seafood saved Unova"?
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