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    Originally Posted by Darkroman View Post
    This is just about IVs. What is your stance on them? Are they perfect the way they are? Should they be completely omitted from the Pokemon series? What would you change about them if you don't like how they're implemented?

    My stance is that they should remain how they are in game, but when it comes to competitive battling, they all should either be maxed by default (31 in all stats), or go half-way (15 IVs in all stats). Going about IVs this way means everyone is on a level playing field, and any differences between pokemon will be more based on strategy rather than luck (besides move accuracy of course). This would also mean pokesav, AR use, or RNG will not be a factor in online battling. Your pokemon training and differences for competitive battling will only proper EV training, and team criteria. IVs are just a misplaced 'hardcore' element. What about unique Pokemon? Well who cares when people who play competitively find a shortcut anyway for high IVs when legit players want to battle online, only to be discouraged because of hacked "legit" pokemon?

    That's my stance anyway, what's yours?
    only issue is hidden power, that changes depending on IV's. i would like it if all pokemon had the same IV total but speialised in different stats. so maybe the max IV total is like 120, that way you can still find pokemon with maxed out IV's on the stats you want but are not 30+ across all stats, also all pokemon have atleast 1 stat with 31 IV. makes farming for the pokemon you want alot easier and the community doesn't have to depend on other means to get maxed IV pokemon for competitive gaming.

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