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    A small report on the project;
    Yes, I am still working on this. However the focus of the project is slowly changing. Including all regions has lowered somewhat in priority, this will be something which'll come over time. Right now the idea behind the project is to give players the idea that they are actually living in, and are a part of, the world of Pokémon.

    Concerning the Pokémon levels; I don't think players are keen on being forced to leave their Pokémon behind until they defeat the next elite four. This practically means that you have two (or more) games in one. Other possibilities include resetting a Pokémon's level to i.e. 5, yet this would mean that all hours spent training where wasted, and thus is a terrible possibility. Increasing the maximum level would cause a whole lot of different problems which are best to be avoided.

    A team would be nice, yet this is something I don't expect to happen (any time soon).
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