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    Originally Posted by PIKA2
    Well here's some new info! Ahem:

    New legendary dragons will be added
    Houenn Pokmon will be inserted
    New custom Pokmon will be inserted!
    A second version will be released after Ice.

    Anyway I need some more ideas, so everybody post some ideas and if i like it enough something special might happen.
    Also if anybody gives me an orginal Pokmon idea, I'll put that new Pokmon into the game!

    Here's a preview of some the sprites in the game!

    Please people, if have a good idea! Don't be afraid to post it!

    make a gym That has a normal 1st floor and a ladder to floor two, which is where the puzzle is. It will have clouds on the floor and cracked floors hidden under them so you have to fall down to the bottom floor and face the gym trainers. If yu reach the end of the cloud puzzle, you will face the sky leader from R/S.
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