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Originally Posted by Perdition Haze View Post
Username: Perdition Haze
Favorite Character: Marceline. I'm a big fan of her attitude. She a very strong girl, mentally and physically. She does everything the way she wants, and never lets anything get in her way. She may not be absolutely perfect, but she knows how to keep herself under control and have fun.

What's your theory on why Finn's the only human in Ooo?

I don't think Finn is the only human in Ooo. There's Ice King and Princess Bubblegum, who are both humans. There are also the Businessmen, a group of male individuals that Finn and Jake hired to build something for them.

What time is it?: It's Adventure Time! n__n
Originally Posted by Chessiekinss View Post
Username: Chessiekins
Favorite Character: Marceline & Bubblegum
Do you think the amount romance in the show recently boring or are you okay with it? Do you want more adventure focused episodes? Hm. I don't really seem to mind. I adore this show because it's just so cute. It would be nice if there was a little more adventure though, I mean that's what the show is about, right? I guess in a way, I wouldn't there being a little more action and less romance, though it does make it seem really adorable how Finn is able to finally find who truly matters.
What time is it?: Adventure Time!!

I hope I did this right. :x I'll try to be here as much as I can, if I don't forget I'm actually in a club lol.

Welcome both of you! Sorry for abandoning this place so much guys, been hard balancing forums so much. Anyway, the episode The Valut aired yesterday. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

I'll start:


I really enjoyed this episode very much. I'm glad that the Ghost Lady made a return and that we got to learn more about her too. I found it neat that Finn was once her in a past life and that we got to explore more on his Vault. Also was cool seeing some of the early stages of the Candy Kingdom. This was back when the Gumball Guardians were created and a young Peppermint Butler who looked like he was still being trained by Bubblegum. I really enjoy episodes like this that show certain characters beginnings or origins cause it shows how they got where they are today. It also tells us more about Finn's previous reincarnations. I think that he started as Farmworld Finn and then the comet, then the butterfly, the thing, then Shoko, and then present Finn. Just my thoughts though.

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