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    See, the reason I think they will remake them is that it is easy money. It is a ton cheaper to make a remake than it is to make an entirely new game. For starters, you don't need to write a new story, you just need to tweak the story to include new pokemon, mechanics etc. You don't need to develop a new region, the region is already there. You don't need to develop new characters, they're already there. You don't need to develop new pokemon, they're already made. Plus, this little effort to release a game that could be pitched to younger players as a new game in a new region, and pitched as a nostalgia trip to older players creates a massive profit for them.

    Plus, I consider Gen III to be "my generation." I still play it to this day.

    Other things to consider:

    Japan still sold over 7000 copies of Emerald in 2011.
    Speaking of patterns: If it comes out next year, the pattern will be intact. 8 years between R/B/Y and FR/LG, 10 between G/S/C and HG/SS, 12 years between R/S/E and remakes.

    Realistically though, I think a remake of Kanto is more realistic for this Generation.
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