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    Max came too and found himself in a room, completely white, with soft walls. Max stood up and walked around for about a minute. Next, he scanned the walls, the ceiling and floor finding the outline of a trapdoor, he stood patiently near it. Soon after a grunt came down through the trapdoor, it was the man from the volcano, the one that blocked Heatran from Max's view.

    "Well, if it isn't the young man who still likes to play spy like a little child." The man said, followed by a sinister laugh " I believe we have not been properly introduced, the names Cyrian, and of course all of us here know your name, Agent Holgo..."

    "Don't call me that!" Max yelled in frustration as tears built up in his eyes, Max tackled the Cyrain to the ground before throwing himself through the trapdoor and shoving past a few Team Magma grunts, he shot through corridors thinking: 'If I find the control room, I can look at the security footage and find out where my Pokemon are' he dodged past many grunts, narrowly escaping most of them as doors closed behind him by pure fluke. He approached the control room, which was being guarded by a burly man who could easily squash Max.

    "Look over there!" Max yelled, pointing his finger in the opposite direction. The man followed Max's finger as the latter threw himself into the control room and locked the door behind him, the room was empty, much to Max's surprise. 'They are all stupid here' Max thought to himself quickly before looking up at the footage on the array of screens presented before him. He saw two images that slightly alarmed him, one was a man on the roof of the airship and the other, a man who looked strikingly similar to his foster father in a cell, he continued to let his eyes wander as they soon fell upon the laboratory room, in which his Pokemon were, much to his dismay. Max's use the console in the airships interface and triggered the emergency sequence, this released all prisoners and gave the parachutes. Soon after Max smashed the keyboard and ran out of the room, to see panic surrounding him as he heard another man yell that the Airship was plummeting to the ground, Max still continued to run through a system of corridors and rooms though, he looked through a window while running to see the sky outside at an angle, the man was right, and the airship was plummeting to the ground, Max must have hit something in the control room, he soon realised that he was now on a time limit, before the ship and everyone that remained on it or near it, was surely killed. He swallowed hard at the thought as he entered the lab, to see it decolate, all but seven Pokeballs sat in the centre of the room, six of which he recognised as his own and another, that was abandoned. max could not bare to leave the Pokemon that it contained, so he took it with him, sending out Eevee as he exited the room and they made their was to the nearest exit.

    "Ready Eevee?" Max said, staring down at the small fox Pokemon, receiving a nod as a response.

    "Not so fast!" A voice from behind yelled, it was Cyrian, he pushed Max slightly forward, pushing Eevee off of the edge, much to Max's dismay.

    "This isn't over!" Max yelled as he dove off of the airship, much to Cyrians surprise and soon caught up and grabbed Eevee. Max pulled a string attached to his backpack, opening a parachute and slowly helping Max and Eevee to the ground softly as they looked up and saw the airship stabalize once again. The duo landed and got wrapped up in the parachute, Max quickly gathered it up, discovering a passerby trainer that had got wrapped up in the parachute.

    "Sorry!" Max exclaimed quickly.

    "Don't worry, by the way, the names James" the boy said holding out a hand, offering to shake.

    "My names Max, and this is Eevee" Max said, shaking the boys hand as they let go, the boy pulled out a Pokedex, opened it up and pointed it at Eevee as it read out a description to James.

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