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    Crap. The airship begins to fall, with me too. I worry about Max who may still be trapped inside. I climb over the bar opreventing me from falling and attempt to locates some form of trap door, whilst clinging tightly to handlerails that have been conveniently places for such purpose. I manage to find one, and open it to reveal a red shady coridoor with many sirens going off. A few people are jumping off the edge with their parachutes. I slip down and send out Ampharos for protection. He's the first one I grabbed hold of, otherwise I may have chose another. Ampharos covers my back as we slip between coridoors.

    Only 2 people have been shocked by Ampharos so far. I have made it the control room which is weirdly abandoned. I figure the only way out of this one alive for me and max is to save the ship. 'Ampharos, thunderbolt.' a continuous wave of electricity helps me mainting. Hopefully I could at least crash it safely. I have no idea what I'm doing. After a few seconds of attempts I give up and flip the wheel in a direction. Utterly hopeless.

    I run through the coridoors with an idea, and thats an old tactic, use a uniform. It's my only hope of saving max and getting out of here, and to my surprise I find a room straight away. It's sorta like a dressing room, but I don't really have time to examine it. I slip off my current clothes and put on the uniform. It's awfully cramped for space in here, but I don't let that bother me. I grab my esentials from my bag, such as my keys and phone and make a dash for it to a direction that seems moderately busier than this area. I return Ampharos just in case.

    "What's the situation?" I say to the first person I see. She looks at me angrily. "We lost all of our prisoners, they escaped with our parachutes!" Wait so that means.... Max is alive!

    I run in another direction now, back to the roof. The ship is nearly to the ground. I can feel the shake.

    The air is fierce as it atempts to push me off, but I manage to grab Skarmory's pokéball in time before I'm sent flying into it's back. I pat it on the head in appreciation. I start scanning the air for Max. I see him sightly off in the distance, but I ought not to aproach him with this uniform. I can't believe I went through all that for nothing. I decide to fly home, hopefully the darkness of the night will conceal my clothing.

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