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    Started a nuzlocke of this game. i must say I love the difficulty and how even normal trainer battles require some degree of strategy. I am currently preparing to move onto Fallarbor Town with a team as follows:

    Lvl. 35 Marshtomp - Adam
    Lvl. 35 Noctowl - Robanny
    Lvl. 35 Ledian - Evelon
    Lvl. 35 Eevee - Evan
    Lvl. 35 Minun - Rin
    Lvl. 22 Exeggcute - Ichigo

    Currently training Ichigo to be level 35 and then proceeding to Fallarbor. Btw, have I passed any moon stones on the way to Mauville. I read there was one in Slateport but I don't know where... I want to evolve my Eevee into Umbreon -.-
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