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    If you want to try and give the game some natural dialogue, i.e. no useless tidbit information where a random npc in the Player's hometown would say something like "Prof.___'s lab is ___" which is something the character should already know, having lived there X years. For this kind of inspiration, you should try and play DarkDoom's Super Eevee Edition, which has the best flowing dialogue I've ever seen imo(Minus the occasional grammar mistakes anyway).

    And about balancing Pokemon levels(Something I really fail to understand why it's a problem), you've heard of Pokemon Nuzlockes right? If not, basically, it's a way of making a regular Pokemon game challenging by counting every faint as a death(And either releasing it, or putting it in a PC box labeled dead). From what I've seen on the Pokemon Essentials help forum, it is possible to do the above and lock it to make it unusable.

    It's just a suggestion though, and could be done in a better way, like substituting PC transfers & locks with storing the Pokemon into a variable(tombstone event) which you would be able to check its summary(Again, probably sounds simpler than it is). Hope this idea helps.
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