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    Julienne Murphy & Davian Krotesse (& Angelique)

    Davian leaned forward in his seat, trying to get a better view of the match. He had to admit he was glad he hadn't really gotten into it with that Angelique girl - while the results would surely be quite interesting, he was there to see pro-bending and not to have a learning experience, however violent and steamy it could've gotten.. "Aw, come on! You guys lost your lead!" He couldn't resist shouting when Kalden got knocked into the water last on his team, tying up the game. He felt a little ridiculous yelling, but this was really the point when pretty much everyone was yelling.

    "Knock them out, Kal! Blast those losers!" Angelique screamed, fist pumping over the railing. "Hit 'em with a disk Dom! Right in the face! That's how to do it! Show 'em what you're made of!"

    Julienne was pretty shocked about how into Angelique was getting in this match. It was the first time she had attended one with her, and it was shocking to see her friend being loud without being rude. Julienne herself wasn't feeling very excited, but it was pretty funny when one of the guys got knocked down. "Yeah, you can do it... person."

    "You got this Air boy! Use those ninja reflexes! Bring it home!" Davian almost got giddy with excitement when Force of Nature started their ultimate combo. No words came to mind, just an excited, "Woo yeah!" as the combo worked its magic and almost all at once the BeetleFrogs went down.

    "Come on Julienne, you need to get into this!" Angelique yelled, yanking Julienne out of her seat. Julienne stopped herself from slamming into the bar as she did so. "Why don't you look excited?"

    "Well..." Admittedly, Julienne wasn't too interested in the match because she didn't see a point in it. All they were doing is street fighting in a organized fashion - I guess some people find that interesting, but she wasn't satisfied. "I just don't really find it interesting. Sorry."

    "Ugh, you're so annoying." Angelique laughed, punching Julienne in the arm. "Try to have fun for once." Before Julienne could respond back to her, Angelique went back to screaming at the game.

    "At least I don't yell at people..." Julienne muttered angrily.

    He figured he better not get involved too much, but Davian couldn't help noticing the two girls having a bit of a disagreement again. "Don't worry Julienne, she's just excited. People can be that way at these things, especially benders like us." He stood up to yell at the arena again. "Come on Dominic, get back up! Balance man!"

    Julienne sighed as Davian attempted to reason with her. She didn't wanna talk bad about Angelique, because they were friends, but... "Well, it's not a big deal."

    "Well you should be into this! I had to pay full price for your ticket, y'know!" Angelique laughed, slapping Julienne on the back. "You oughta enjoy this!"

    Davian didn't take his eyes off of the match, but Angelique was getting a bit agressive. "Hey, give her a break. She can't help it if she's not into it - not all girls like violence y'know." He didn't mean it to come out derisive as he was just teasing, but he was a bit used to his bored tone of voice and emotion didn't shine through too well unless he was angry.

    "Eh, she's fine! We all need to see a good beating every now and then!" Angelique was trying to be optimistic, Julienne could tell, but it was clear that she was getting annoyed again. "Come on, can you at least pretend to be happy? You're killing my mood."

    Julienne waved her hands in the air melodramatically. "Wee, so much fun. Watching people get hurt."

    Angelique scoffed, crossing her arms. "Alright look, I'm not gonna listen to you be a grumpy pants in the middle of the match. We're supposed to be having fun and you're totally killing this for me. Please, can you scoot down a seat and have your pity party over there?"

    "Hey! I'm not going anywhere! I told you I was gonna stay the whole time. You're just making a big deal out of nothing." Julienne countered, offended that Angelique was being so rude.

    "You're here because of me." Angelique snapped, getting fiesty again. "If you're gonna make a scene, you should just leave."

    "No." Julienne stated firmly. "I'm staying."

    "... Well fine." Angelique grabbed her bag from the seat. "Then I'm leaving."

    "Whoa whoah, hold on a second! I think Force of Nature's got this in the bag, you don't wanna miss it!" Davian tried not to make it too obvious that he himself didn't really want her to leave. " I mean err... if you think about it, you'd never forgive yourself if you missed them becoming champions. Besides..." He looked down for a moment and tried to keep his voice from cracking. "You should cherish your friends while you can."

    Angelique rolled her eyes. "Davian, it's cute that you want me to stay, really. But if Ms. Naysay wants to ruin the fun, consider it ruined." Angelique glared at Julienne. "I do cherish Julienne, I just don't cherish her stiffling attitude. Besides, it's not like she's gonna get kidnapped while I'm gone. She's a big girl."

    Before anyone else could speak, Angelique stormed her way past the front row, pushing past all the cheering fans. Julienne sighed and leaned against the railing. "Great. She's mad, again."

    Davian didn't really feel comfortable being the reassuring gentleman; he wasn't that guy anymore, but he couldn't bring himself to stay silent on the whole matter. "Yeah. she seems like she does that a bit. Don't worry though, she'll come around. After all, nobody even threw any punches. You two'll be alright."

    "She's always mad at me for something..." Julienne groaned. "Maybe I'm just not a good friend. She did spend a lot of money to get me in here. Ugh..."

    "Bad friend? Hey, you stopped her from getting thrown out of the place because she fought with some random jerk, She's only still here because of you. Besides, if that fight had happened, someone probably would've died." Davian smiled at her, thinking how lucky her and Angelique were to have each other. "I bet she'd be a lot worse off if she didn't know you. Hey, her loss; you may not enjoy the violence but maybe you can enjoy the pride of the players. Look, they're about to give them their title."

    "Beginners luck, kids these days-" "Reg you're always the pessimist." Davian listened with surprising focus, besides the fact that he had to see them crown the winnder he always liked to hear the commentators' verbal sparring. A pause between their barbs was normal, although there was a marked difference neither of the commentators were all that young, but Davian's gaze darted towards the commentator's stand when he heard the mircrophone-magnified thump of the older man hitting the floor. He quickly took in that the box was filled with red smoke and silhouettes were retreating from sight.

    And suddenly, the arena became filled with attackers, wearing very odd gloves and not looking too friendly. Pandemonium ensued as everyone began to flee, afraid of being captured or hurt. They all fled past Davian and Julienne, not caring what was gonna happen to them.

    The arena had been attacked before, it was a good place for an ambush... and something definitely wasn't right. Davian had just enough time to stand up and yell "Everybody get down! We g-" Before a foot met his gut and the wind was knocked out of him for a moment.

    Julienne yelped and jumped back as a random person appeared beside Davian and nailed him in the stomach with a kick. "O-Oh my god! Dude, get up, I - AAAH!" Someone grabbed her from behind, clenching tightly onto her arms. She struggled and kicked as she tried to get out of the stranger's grip. "L-Let me go! My friend's a firebender! S-She'll beat you up!"

    "Shut up, you idiot." The guy commanded, causing Julienne to go silent with a wimper. "Your friend should be lucky she left, or we'd have to capture her. All units, be on the lookout for a female firebender!" The guy shouted to the others, who were busy chasing down people who were trying to escape. "Round up the civilians. We can't let the benders escape. If we don't find the Avatar, well... I don't wanna think about what's gonna happen when we tell the Boss. Keep the benders separate!"

    Julienne had tears in her eyes - for the first time, she was actually afraid that she was gonna die. She looked at Davian, who was still slumped over from the attack. "D-Dude, please do something..."

    "God, quit your whimpering." The guy threw Julienne down, causing her to smack against the seats and hit the ground with a groan. "Your boyfriend isn't gonna help you."

    Breath whooshed back into Davian's lungs after he finished pushing himself up with one hand, but another one of the lackeys wasted no time putting another foot to his stomach and held him to the floor a moment longer. "Stay down, hero; you're not worth our time."

    Davian gritted his teeth; it looked like he was gonna get his fight for the day after all. "So, it's benders you want, is it? Well then, let me -"

    "Stop it you jerks!" Julienne pushed the guy away, kneeling down to Davian's side. "You're gonna hurt him if you keep doing that. If you're looking for benders, he isn't one of them!" She knew that it was a lie, because she could immediately tell from just looking at this guy that he was a bender. But he was basically the only person in the immediate area she was sure would protect her, even if the notion seemed extremely selfish. She wasn't gonna let him get killed. "Just leave us be, okay? We're not gonna move. Besides, my side is killing me thanks to you."

    Julienn's intervention allowed Davian to clear his head and realize for a moment that he might not be able to take all of them on at once, and if he got captured, it'd be too hard for him to figure out what was going on. "Yeah, we were just here to enjoy the game. Can you blame a guy for wanting to keep everyone calm?"

    The man who seemed to be the superior among the henchmen looked at both of them a moment longer before signalling the other two to release them. "I guess we've got more important things to worry about, you two. We have to find the Avatar before she can get out of Republic City; this is our chance. You kids keep your heads down and do as you're told and no further harm will come to you."

    Julienne nodded, watching the three men walk away to help organize the people they captured. Once they were out of earshot, Julienne began to help Davian sit up, leaning him against the rim of the chair to avoid hurting him further. "You owe me." She commented, trying to discreetly wipe away the tears that lingered in her eyes to make it look like she wasn't scared. Honestly, she was terrified. "Okay... I don't know what to do. I'm really... well, scared. And I don't know if Angelique got out. What if they capture her? Oh god, I don't wanna know what happens if they capture her." Julienne sat down beside Davian. "Oh god, what are we gonna do? Please tell me you know what to do."

    "Hey, no waterworks." Davian spoke softly, placing his hand on her shoulder. "And nope, I have no idea what to do, but I do know a couple of things: first, we have to actually do something. Sitting here and feeling sorry for ourselves isn't going to help anyone. Angelique definitely wanted some air earlier, so I'm sure she's out by now. Besides, I'm sure she wouldn't be that easy to catch, I -" He gasped and stood still for a moment. "They said the Avatar is in Republic City... I've met her before... hmm." He snapped when the lightbulb went on, not caring one bit how cliché it was. "It was that girl! The one at the Central Station! I knew something was familiar about her; I never forget a face! We've got to find her. If somebody wants to capture the Avatar, it can't be for a good reason."

    "Dude, how are we gonna find her?" Julienne questioned. "We're stuck here, remember? If we move from this spot, we'll probably get attacked. I don't wanna risk either of our physical beings unless we have something more... concrete. I think... I honestly think we should just lay low and contemplate something first. These guys are dangerous - like, actually dangerous. We've lucked out enough to get to this point, so let's just think of something better. Besides, do you really wanna know what could possibly happen if we do find the Avatar and then these guys find us? It wouldn't be pretty."

    "I'm not an idiot." Davian calmly stated. "I may be a bit too willing to fight, but I'm not gonna run off with some half-concocted plan and put our lives in danger. My life is the only one I'm willing to put in danger, and you were right, I do owe you, so step one is getting you out of here and back to Angelique. After you're safe... I'm going to find the Avatar, even if I have to chop every one of these thugs to pieces. My safety isn't worth a damn compared to her's."

    Julienne swallowed, trying not to let the fact that this guy who probably only knew either of them by their first name was willing to let himself die over getting them to safety. "A-Are you... being serious? I wouldn't want you to risk yourself like that. I wouldn't live with that on my shoulders. You seem like a good person. I... I'll go with you. I'm savvy with words, so maybe I can talk us out of sticky situations. I... can't let you go alone."

    Good lord, what was she doing? This is prime surivival situation, and here she's worried about a guy whose name she didn't even know. If anything, she should've sacrificed him to the two guys to get herself out of here already. And yet, she felt like she would never muster up the courage to do something so... stupid.

    Davian closed his eyes for a moment and contemplated just what he should do. "The only place you're going is outside. I'm not going to put a non-combatant at risk. We're getting you back to Angelique and then you two can decide what you're going to do from there."

    "Dude, that's not gonna happen, I -"

    "No, that's exactly what's going to happen. I'm not watching anyone die - not today, of all days. I'm getting you to safety and that's final, and if you have a problem with it you can just navigate the path of carnage I leave behind me if i have to force my way through." He sliced his hand through the air as he interrupted her, leaving no room for more argument.

    Julienne clenched her mouth shut, almost angrily, as she thought about what she could say. What would Angelique do? Angelique would argue, and fight, and find her own way out of here... but Julienne wasn't her. Julienne didn't have fire, or a weapon, or anything other than her wit. She was weak, too, mentally and physically. She had to face facts: she had no choice. "... Fine. I guess I'd just hold you back. I... we can find a way out."

    "Good." Davian crouched lower into the shade of the stadium seats and carefully opened the leather pouch on his left hip, then pulled out one of the orbs of enigmatic metal. He held it with his right hand and pulled his left away from it, narrowing the gap between his fingers until they made a point, causing the orb to shape itself into several small daggers. He tucked two into specific places on his person and held one out to Julienne. "Here; if things get too crazy and I can't help you, do what you have to. These guys aren't wearing armor and they won't expect it."

    Julienne hesitantly took the dagger, feeling the weight around. "R-Right... got it..." She hadn't ever even thought of having to kill any of the attackers here, and yet she knew deep down that she had no choice if she wanted out.

    Oh god, please let Angelique be okay...

    "Ugh, I can't believe her!"

    Angelique groaned as she leaned against a tree that was just out of the reach of the lights connected to the top of the arena doorway, leaning against the side that was opposite of the light. She was still clearly upset about Julienne and how she acted, and had been complaining to no one for the past five minutes after she stepped out.

    "I can't believe I dragged her to this thing and had to leave just because she was being so stubborn." She griped, diggining her nails lightly into the skin on her arms. "Why can't she just have fun for once? Why does she always have to be so... ugh!"

    She flopped down, sitting against the tree, pulling up some grass to keep herself calm. "... I... really should go back... shouldn't I? I don't wanna leave her in there alone. She's got metalhead, but... Yeah. I should go back. She might get lost on her way out, and then I'd be responsible."

    However, as Angelique stood up and peered around the tree, she immediately realized that her plan was never meant to be. From inside the arena came loud crashes and the screams of people inside - not soon after, a rush of people came flying out until two men wearing giant metal gloves with red eyes in the palm pulled the doors shut, trapping everyone inside and locking the door before chasing after some people. Angelique quickly jumped from her spot on the tree and landed in the bushes, narrowly avoiding being caught. The two men gave up on their pursuit as the civilians got away, griping as they walked back. "Any of those people coulda been the Avatar, and we let them all get away. Great."

    "Hey, not the end of the world. Remember, we're at the arena because someone from inside spotted the Avatar. We'll just capture all the benders here and see if it's them." The other guy spoke. Angelique swallowed hard as she heard their words - guess it was a bad day to be a bender.

    I have to get back inside... Julienne's in there... and god knows what they're gonna do to her... I hope she keeps her mouth shut and stays out of the way... or she might get... She stopped herself from thinking that thought. She'll be fine... for now... I have to get in.

    She inaudbily sighed, contemplating what to do next. The question is... how?

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