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    Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
    So after playing both of your hacks i enjoyed both only things that i didnt like are the cries of next gen pokemon and the grammar errors.
    Thanks, and I may try to edit the cries, but as for the grammar errors, I don't know if I can fix them.

    Originally Posted by azwhaley91 View Post
    Do you plan on including all the 6th gen pokemon in this hack?(megas excluded)

    PS I love victory fire.
    I don't know if I had left enough rooms for them. So I may only add some of them. Thanks for your advice anyway.

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    thanks 1158, I got restless from work & while I was playing this and confused myself. Great update playing it since I want to try to get as many new mega pokemon as i can before I finish the hack.

    found a glitch with the latest beta 3.6.
    I just added the newest beta & used the previous save I was using before when I was playing the previous beta 3 fix. I got all 8 badges in it then when I loaded it with the new save it said I have 7. I know before I had 8 *before while playing it at work I beat the 8th gym and saved then loaded it a few times to make sure no bugs occurred*.
    Thanks for reporting the bug, now I have a try to fix this. If you sure you've got all 8 badges before, then, go to Chinchila City, walk to Maize Road, then check it out if your badge is back. If it is still not back, please tell me.

    Renewed the .ups file to Beta 3.08 for fixing some bugs in JOHTO Region.
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