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    The night quickly turned to morning, but not just any morning. Absol found me sleeping in the other room and woke me up with a nudge with his horn. I woke and looked up.

    Absol... Absol sounded.

    "Yeah.... today is the day." I said, patting Absol on the head.

    Strangely, Absol didn't seem to mind like I thought he would. Usually Absol was so serious, was he finally starting to lighten up?

    I got up and went to the bathroom. Absol was waking the other pokemon. After using the bathroom and cleaning my heads. I walked out, to my surprise yet again, Kaitlyn was already awake and making breakfast.

    "Morning Kaitlyn, your up early." I said, looking at the clock that read 5:30am.

    "Oh hey Iruko. Yeah, I am normally up fairly early. Why are you up so early?" She asked.

    I hid the reason, she couldn't know. I didn't want her to get involved.

    "Absol woke me. We have some things.... we have to do today. Do you think you could watch Eevee for me again?" I ask helping her with breakfast.

    "Sure.... but how long? I also have to get ready for something today." She asked and then stated.

    "I don't know honestly. I will try my best to finish it up as quick as possible." I say.

    "Sure, but after we eat... I have something to tell you... and ask you..." She trailed up.


    After a few minutes, we made two plates of food for us. While we ate, I asked Blaziken and Gardevoir to go out and get stuff for pokefood. In the mornings, I did not like feeding my pokemon human food. It seemed they liked it that way as well. To be honest, I rarely feed my pokemon people food. After we ate, I showed Kaitlyn how to make some of my special pokefood and we feed them to our pokemon. All of them enjoyed it. After that me and Kaitlyn told the pokemon to go have some fun, but not to wander off. Me and Kaitlyn went to the cliff that had an amazing view of the bay, even it the morning the view was beautiful. We also could hear pokemon and children playing and the waterfalls crashed.

    "So what did you need to tell and ask me?" I start up the conversation.

    Kaitlyn was silent for a few minutes, but the replied.

    "Well.... this after noon I have to catch a flight to the Sinnoh Region for a school project... I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?" She said.

    For a moment I did not know what to say. I didn't want to be mean, but I didn't want to let her down. But I knew that this would give me a chance to do what needed to be done and save her pokemon.

    "I am sorry Kaitlyn.... but I can't... I have to save my family. I can't leave Orre till my task is done." I say.

    "Oh... I am sorry I asked, but something just seems off... like something bad is going to happen. I wanted to to be with me." She said.

    "Your strong enough. You do not need my help Kaitlyn. But I promise you this, if something happens to you, there will be no doubt that I will do what ever it is in my power to save you."

    Her eyes lit up. "Why.... why would you do something for a complete stranger?"

    "Because, I owe your family a great deal. Not only did they save me the night Absol brought me here, but your grandfather saved me from dying."

    Nothing else was said yet, but there was obvious disappointment in her voice.

    "When I was in the past... I had an idea. When everything is done here in Orre that I set out to do, how about we go on a journey together with my little sister and explore all of Kalos?" I say.

    She looked at me and with not hesitation jumped at me, "Yes!" She squeaked.

    I laughed a bit. After a few minutes, we returned home. I put on a white T-Shirt and bright yellow shorts.

    A light to purge a dark place. I joked. I put on my special watch and a black cloak that had a hood to cover my face. I returned my pokemon to their pokeballs, but Eevee and Absol.

    "Listen Eevee, I know you want to come with me, but I need to go somewhere dangerous," I whispered to the little brown ball. "But after this is over, I will take you with me." I finished, and patted Eevee between the ears.

    I would return Absol once he sensed it was time to go, but for the time being I walked around Agate with Kaitlyn.
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