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    You already mentioned thinking about doing your mechanical degree (yay roller coasters! ) and if you think you can also do a minor in writing go for it!
    I think I'll at least try. What's the worst that could happen? Flush a couple grand down the toilet!

    Want to add that I also hate it when I get stuck in a story. Often times I would write another scene or a different story entirely and that works usually.
    I'm a stubborn person, so if I have decided to write about a certain scene, then there isn't a single thing on this Earth that could change my mind.

    Getting back to reviewing. I wonder why some people don't review, and why some people that do review, don't on some stories.

    I'm guilty of leaving some stories out to dry while I give another complete and total attention. For me, if a story has several chapters out, I won't review it because it seems like it would take way too long. On others, if it seems to be an exact copy of a game plot, then I'll skip it. I'll also skip out on reviewing if someone else has already reviewed it, but to be honest, that doesn't happen a lot.
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