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May I please change the game to Blaze Black 2? I tried to play on SS - but my game was keep crashing on original games and on hacks (StormSilver and SacredGold) - I'd play on original black 2 and white 2 but I cannot seem to find rom that would work normally (same goes for original black and white roms - no matter where I download it I get that experience glitch on it - I don't get any experiences for any of the battles I am in :/ )

I had to switch into BlazeBlack - BlazeBlack 2 didn't work Anyways I started the game and got the best starters ever (Not) - Sandile, Geodude and zubat. I didn't want to choose geodude since it was on place of oshawott - so I would be pretty much demolished in first gym. I chose sandile instead and named him Crockie. I defeated both Bianca and Cheren without any major problems. Than I went on and got through all the beginning stuff and I finally came to route 1 - time to catch my first pokemon (Nope >_<) First encounter was Jynx - yay I saved the game right before I was trying to catch it - like I always do but since it knew powder snow it nearly knocked sandile out pretty much every time so I gave up after few tries. I went on and both Bianca and Cheren got two pokemon already - but I had only one. Anyways I went on and take on N - didn't have as much troubles as I thought I'd have. I went on the next rout and I was crossing fingers to find something useful there becasue you need three pokemon for first gym. I knew that first gym leader is going to be Chilli and first encounter wasn't the best thing ever - it was Glaceon. I cought her and named her Serenity. She is now the most overpowered team member. I went on and got that water monkey from that guy and I beat Cheren and Chilli without any major problems. I used that monkey as a cut slave because nobody else could learn it. I helped saving Munna and I cought my next team member - Omastar - that was just the beginning of water pokemon curse. I went on to help that girl and cought Ducklett and named her Lira. I also found corphish (Neptuno) and Blastoise (Leonardo) and Gardevoir (Rissa) somewhere around there but I don't remember where. I helped that girl and got the fishing rod as a gift. I went on and cleared some trainers around the next city. I battled N and lost Omastar in the process. I thought that I'd have troubles with second gym since it's normal type gym and I didn't have any fighting types. But I used Serenity and she pretty much cleared the gym with Icy Wind. I went through the forest and cought gothita (Minna) and somewhere around here I also obtained Swoobat (Batto) and I cleared the forest and returned that skull. I came to the next city and went to the dessert in case that I found fire type there. Nope no fire types there - first encounter was qwilfish and second encounter was guess who? Quilava I got really upset because I needed fire type but anyways.. I went on to clear Team Plasma and get Bianca's pokemon back (Can't she take better care of them?!) anyways I went to Burgh's gym and I always hated Burgh and his Masquerain - even in the original playthrough where I had fire type (Blaziken) - It was just painful >_< After several troubles I managed to finally beat him without losing any team members and than I batteld both of my rivals and got some fossils out of dessert. I went on and cought few new team members Charizard (Drake) and Zoroark (Lenny) I got to next city and ran around for a while so I could catch some new team members - I had Serenity for Eliza (She knows earth power) but I still wanted to have a back up just in case that Serenity dies). So I cought Lampert (Lumino), Turtwig (Terra) and Lanturn (Shinna). I defeated both N and Eliza using mainly Serenity. The bridge was finally opened and I managed to get my last two team members Monferno that I forgot to nickname (On the bridge) and Croconaw (Dande). I am about to take on next gym leader so I need to train Shinna and Dande - since neither of them has a single water move

Current team:

Serenity (Glaceon) lvl 52 (Yes I know that she is overleveled but she is currently the only really usefull pokemon that I have)
Lenny (Zoroark) lvl 33
Rissa (Gardevoir) lvl 45 (She is a little bit overleveled aswell I know)
Batto (Swoobat) lvl 30
Shinna (Lanturn) lvl 33
Dande (Croconaw) lvl 34


Crockie (Sandile)
Serveur (Panpour) - He didn't die I just didn't want to use him since I never cought it
Mezzy (Omastar)
Minna (Gothita)
Lira (Ducklett) - She died to an underleved Pansear (yes Bianca's pansear used fire blast on her and she died in one hit since it was crit aswell )
Neptuno (Corphish)
Leonardo (Blastoise) - Corphish and Blastoise both died to Sandslash since it was keep outspeeding me and using rollout
Drake (Charizard) - Died to a crit - thunder used by underleveled manectric x.x
Terra (Turtwig)
Lumino (Lampert)
Monferno (Monferno) I forgot to nickname him
And leafeon - I cought him than I realized that it was cought on same rout as something else was already cought so nope - I am not using him - Not that he has any good move set anyways -Last time that I checked the only useful attacks he knew were bite and quick attack - and he is lvl 31 already
I don't care about EV's or IV's - I play for fun not competitive.
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