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    You didn't give a lot of info to go off of. Do you not like talking about yourself and your life, or was that unintentional?
    Sorry, I don't really think of my life as interesting. It was unintentional, I'll try to go into more details this time.

    Describe the Srain race in more detail. What do they normally look like? What are some common personality traits?
    Well, we kind of look like lizards? I know the adult Srains I know are taller than normal humans. I guess the best words I can find are reptilian humanoids. I would say lizards, but my dad says that's demeaning, or something. We're different shades of green, normally males are darker than the females, but our eyes can be just about any color.

    If it's not too difficult for you, would you be willing to explain how your mother passed?
    Have you ever asked why you don't visit your parents' parents? If so, how did your dad react?
    My mom died five years ago, because of police brutality. Apparently there was this big gang outbreak, but to make a long story short, she got confused as one of the gang members and beat to death. He starts to cry whenever he tells the story, but I mean can you blame him? After that happened, my dad became really distant for about a month. Then, one day he woke up and acted like it never happened, it was really creepy. I guess that's why I like to pester him with questions, to reassure myself he still cares. We try to visit my grandparents on my mom's side every year, but my dad and grandpa get into a fight shortly after we arrive and we end up leaving. I don't think I have ever seen my grandparents on my dad's side. I've asked before and he said that they don't want to see him. I don't really know anything about that as my dad doesn't talk about his past. I know he's done some pretty bad things, but that's about it.

    There seems to be unrest between humans and Srians. Is this worldwide, or only in your school? Are Srians considered inferior to humans? Is there any public discrimination, such as signs that separate Srain facilities from human facilities? If so, why are Srians allowed on the planet you live on if they are oppressed in such a way? (This is under the assumption that this is on Earth; if it's on another planet, please explain some things about this planet and how humans ended up on it).
    Yes, we live on Earth. Srains have been here for about three generations, so I guess you could say we're still going around the world. Most of us still live in California, but some others have gone off to the other parts of the world. From what I learned at school, some Srainian scientists discovered Earth and flew over to check it out. Some Srains wanted to stay, and here we are. The oppression is more of a social mentality than anything. There's a rule on the bus that Srains can't sit if humans would have to stand, but that's pretty much it. I think some humans are angry because now there's the same amount of jobs, but now for more beings. I don't quite understand it myself, so that's about all I can give you.

    Some of your answers indicated that you aren't very wealthy. Is it like this for most Srians? Do Srians have a harder time finding a job than humans? Has your father attempted to get a better paying job at any point?
    I know that the poor thing is the general culture, if that makes sense. There are a few towns that are pretty much only made of Srains, to avoid that social thing. The social void is the biggest problem right now. My dad has been a firefighter the entire time I've been alive, so I don't know. I should ask him.

    Do you do well in school? If not, what holds you back? Do Srians struggle in human school, or do they have their own school?
    I say I'm an average student. My dad cares a lot about my education, so he makes sure we do well. I have a 3.2 GPA, so I'm doing fine. We get grouped in with the human kids, from what I can tell, there will never be a law or rule separating us because of the "separate, but equal" thing that happened way back when.

    Are Srians expected to conform to human society, or are they separate?
    This question makes it seem so forceful. I don't know, I guess what you refer to as the "human society", is what I've lived by my entire life. The towns are as separated as it gets, physically.

    Are Srians permitted to have romantic relationships (sexual and non-sexual) with humans, or is it strictly Srian-Srian? Is it illegal? Have there been people that you know of who have attempted these kinds of relationships?
    I guess they're allowed, but I personally haven't heard of anything like that. I would think it's frowned upon socially, but no law makes it illegal.

    Do you get in fights a lot, or was this fight with the kid a rare occurrence? If you do get in fights, does the discrimination, if any, against Srians influence this?
    It was my first fight. If you asked me, the bully had it coming. He just rants what he heard from his dad, just an idiot in my books. I know that Srains have developed a sort of ominous culture with the presence of several gangs. Because some humans are so against srains having "their" jobs, a lot of srains have resorted to selling drugs. I would never do anything like that, and I plan to be the first srain in my family to graduate high school.
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