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    Originally Posted by Slayr231 View Post
    I wonder why some people don't review, and why some people that do review, don't on some stories.
    There is that length issue for me. A fic that has quite a bit posted to it already won't be as likely to get a review from me because I don't always have the time to read through all of it and give a decent review. There are also some stories where I don't have something substantial to say for a review about the story, so I read it and then just kind of move on.

    I obviously review more than I post my own stories. I've become a terribly slow writer in recent times, and in order to have some presence in this section, I review here and there rather than falling off the face of the planet. But also in recent times I've become slow when it comes to reviewing, and I'm just kind of taking a break from stressing out about fandom things and what-not.

    Though I am still working on a fic I've just started. The unfortunate thing is that I planned out this fic last year and didn't get a chance to write it until now, and I've forgotten a few things about what I wanted to do in the story and who I wanted to include. But I remembered and that helped get things back on track. I was stuck like Slayr, where one scene was holding me back from continuing the story, and I didn't know how I wanted to write that particular scene. Remembering a particular character in the story and planning what he was going to do in the story got me past everything, and now I'm doing pretty good.

    Often times I would write another scene or a different story entirely and that works usually.
    When I was stuck on my current story, I wrote the ending chapter because it was stuck in my mind. It's the one part of the story that's remained with me, and I just wanted to get it out of the way. I'll edit it when I write the rest of the story to fit in any changes. Doing that did tempt me to write the entire story backwards, starting from the last chapter and ending at the beginning. But I decided against that for a few reasons.

    I'm one of those writers that wants every word and sentence flow well together haha. Part of the reason is I would see other writers on Tumblr get complimented on their "perfect words" and get frustrated how my writing won't be as good (. I also get nervous over my reputation in fandom (if my work is mediocre I'm a mediocre fan). <.<; Tumblr can make you feel like that sometimes.
    Tumblr can be kind of treacherous to poke around, and there are some writing blogs there that made me feel bad about some habits I have about writing. Of course, there are some blogs on Tumblr that could just make you feel bad in general, so...
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