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Kalden and Ryan | THEY’ ON A BOAT~

Ryan glumly sat in his seat, mumbling angrily to himself. Angelique and her skinny friend were seated next to a tall, bulky guy who Ryan had never seen before. They were loudly arguing again

Suddenly he felt a pat on his shoulder. "Excuse me, sir? This is my seat..." a man timidly mumbled, and showed him a ticket.

Ryan sighed. He had taken a random seat, the closest he could find to Angelique. "Hey listen, can't you sit somewhere else? I'm a little busy right n-"

"Something isn't just your business anymore when it happens in the public forum, especially if it's disrupting other people's enjoyment. Besides, I don't scare people; either I'm civil or I'm not, and you'd know if I wasn't being civil. Just do everyone a favor and keep it down don't you know there are people here who had to save up for months to be here?"

Ryan turned his head to face Angelique and the stranger. Angelique was now standing up, looking angrier than usual, glaring at the stranger who had just spoke."I've had enough with idiot guys like you today, and I'm at the end of my wits with people like you. So shut up, sit down, and -"

Angelique's friend tried to sit her back down. "Just sit down. There's no need to make a big scene." To which Angelique responded with ""There's a need. I've dealt with Bird Freak and Nolan today, and frankly Metalhead here is the straw that's breaking the camel's back."

Ryan grinned. She remembered him!

His smile immediately turned to an expression of shock. The stranger had just stood up, apparently asking for a fight."Oh yeah? That's a funny coincidence; it was just this morning that I was thinking it was too long since I had a good fight."

Okay seriously, can't anyone in this damn city just stick to their own bloody business?

Ryan angrily stood up, ready to leap at the stranger if he even dared to touch a single hair on his lady. Suddenly, Angelique was holding the guy by the collar, raising her fist to his face in a threatening manner. Obvioulsy a fight was gonna go down. After a few moments of yelling and Ryan asking himself if he should just take down the guy, the skinny girl managed to calm Angelique down.

The guy's lucky. I mean, really lucky.

Then, out of nowhere, Angelique unleashed her blazing fury at the stranger, almost hitting him before her friend intervened by putting herself between the two. Ryan tried to get into the fight, but as he tried to jump to the next row of seats a man next to him held him back. "Calm down, son, don't get into anything you don't want to be in."

"What are you talking about, you-" Ryan answered back angrily, before thinking for a second. He had been in a fight already with that Nolan dude, and causing trouble twice wasn't gonna help. Reluctantly, he sat back down, still enraged at the dude who had the guts to threaten his lady. Luckily for both the two calmed down, and Ryan learned the stranger's name.

Davian, huh? It's gonna sound like Dive-ian when I whoop him to the bottom of the Pacific.

Ryan slouched in his seat, cursing Davian and his clothes and his house and his house's janitors.


Ryan slumped to the side, drooling in his sleep, and was pushed away by an angry woman. This caused him to fall off his seat, onto the stairs near him.

"Mmh-wha? Ow... Falco, you son of a..." Ryan muttered as he slowly awoke from his sleep. He looked around him, and suddenly remembered why he was here, and what had happened. He had fallen asleep before the match had even started, since he had stayed up the whole night before in an intense darts contest with his ship's crew.

He quickly stood back up and sat again on his seat, and looked at the arena. The match was almost over with the final round happening right now. He watched, just in time for him to witness the Force of Nature's devastating combo attack.

Oh hey, you gotta admit, those guys are pretty ice.

He silently laughed at his own joke. Suddenly, he saw her again. His charming, beautiful lady. Angelique. She looked quite angry (Ah, she looks even more glamorous when she's angry) and was marching off away from the stadium, muttering to herself.

He chuckled. Seems like someone gave her the cold shoulder. Well, someone's gotta raise her spirits, and lucky for her I'm-

"Reg you're always the pessimist. - thud -" The whole crowd went silent, ans so did Ryan. Suddenly, the cries of joy which came from the crowd turned to cries of horror, as people quickly tried to escape the arena. A whole bunch of black-gloved individuals has popped out of nowhere and were starting to round people up, attacking complete strangers. Confused, Ryan tried to follow the crowd to the exit when he heard one of the individuals yell:

"Get all the benders! One of them has to be the avatar!"

Ryan froze. He definitely looked like a bender, and -


Ryan was knocked onto the ground as one of the henchmen kicked him in the stomach. "I've got one confirmed waterbender!" he yelled to his colleagues. Not wasting any time, Ryan jumped back up, and unscrewed the cap off his bottle. A dozen small orbs of water shot out, levitating around him. The moon was only half-full. It wasn't going to be easy.

"If you're looking for a waterbender, you got one, lads." he said, waving an arm in the henchman's direction. Immediately six of the water orbs turned to spike-shaped darts, and shot at him.

"That's how we do it back in the homeland, bi-"

He was interrupted by a particularly bulky henchman charging into him with his shoudler. Ryan was hit in the ribs, and sent over the rail and tumbling head-first into the arena's water pit.

Kalden ducked underneath the leg of one of the black-clad goons who had made it onto the middle platform during all of the commotion, along with about nine of his friends, via taut wires, that had somehow been shot straight into the side of the arena, which they had then crossed.

He barely had time to look around as three of the henchmen Kalden failed to recognize continued barraging him with attacks, which kept him on the defensive, leaping over one of them, ducking under another's attack and so on. Despite the gravity of the situation, Kalden was impressed with how agile and how... professional their fighting seemed.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Jian and Dominic had disappeared, along with two of the Beetlefrogs, one of them having been downed by the thugs and was now being carried away. He grit his teeth in worry of his friends, but he knew that they could handle themselves, and that he didn't exactly have time to worry about others than himself at this point in time.

Ironic, then, that he managed to fight his way into the middle of the arena, which gave him a view of a young guy being knocked off of the platform by another of the shadowy thugs and into the water below, which spurred him to move his arms close to his body before thrusting them outwards, sending two of his attackers tumbling along the arena, which left him with enough momentum to leap over the last one and deliver a swift kick to the back of his head.

His attackers dealt with, Kalden grabbed onto the ledge of the arena and swung himself down towards the platform on top of the water, below the actual arena platform, using a small gust of air to slow his fall. He turned, spotting the guy in the water coming up for air as he knelt down and reached out for him.

"Hey! Grab o-"

The next thing that escaped Kalden was a loud, painful yelp, as one of the thugs had made his way onto the same platform, behind Kalden and, rather silently I might add, snuck up on him, and grabbed the back of his neck with the weirdly-shaped gauntlet, which then sent a jolt of electricity through his body, causing him to slump over. The masked man then swiftly leaned down and touched the water with the gauntlet, giving Ryan a brief look through the yellow-tinted goggles before electrocuting the water... and him.

Ryan coughed and sputtered water as he suddenly woke up from what seemed like a terrible nightmare. There was a crowd of people fleeing, a bunch of shady dudes attacking random people, an angry woman pushing him... Suddenly Ryan gasped, recalling how he had fallen from the seating area into the water, a blurred vision of a guy trying to help him, and another dude with yellow sunglasses looking at him, then darkness.

Ryan coughed some more before he violently shook his head and looked around, trying to assess the situation. They were in a small, dimly-lighted room, with the walls apparently made of wooden planks. The floor was covered with dust and Ryan noticed a rat scuttering past him.

He tried to stand up. Immediately he fell back down onto his face, groaning. He was obviously chained to something. He glanced at his foot. It was chained to a heavy metal safe. He tried to push it, but it wouldn't budge.

Well, that's just my luck. Where in the 7 oceans am I? And who are those creeps who brought me here?

Just then, a groan came from Ryan's left and as he turned his head to look, he saw Kalden, sitting with his back up against a rather sturdy-looking table, his arms pulled behind one of the legs with his hands being cuffed together. The airbender slowly shook his head as he came to, blinking his eyes open.

"Ugh... ow, my head... feels like that time I fell off of mom's sky bison..."

He tugged on his arms, trying to raise his hands to rub his head, at which point he gained a look of confusion on his face. He turned his head, looking around himself before the realization clearly hit him of what had happened not long ago. He also seemed to notice Ryan at that point, blinking in surprise at seeing someone else. He gave a wry little smile at the peculiarly dressed guy whom, from the first glance at least, had the look of a waterbender about him.

"So, what're you in for?"

Ryan stopped himself from answering with "for being awesome". Instead, he smiled back at the stranger. "Same thing as you, I guess. Being a waterbender. Buuut you don't look so - wait a minute. Are you- ?"

"An airbender? Kalden, from The Force of Nature? Pretty cool? Yep, yep, and I suppose so." Kalden replied with another cheeky little smile, glancing behind him at the cuffs for a moment. "... Don't suppose you have any ideas?"

Ryan was liking this guy's attitude. "Well, I bet my entire crew it's those shady guys that took us here. Apart from that, I can't remember anything." Ryan tugged again at the chain. "Those things look rusty. My cutlass could cut through any-" he placed his hand where his beloved weapon was, only to find that it was gone. So was the water bottle. "Oh, blast the Kraken! Those guys took my cutlass!" he exclaimed angrily, looking around the room. "You can take a man's home, his ship - hell, even his bird, but you don't steal a pirate's blade! That's just dishonourable!"

Ryan thought about what he has just said. Well, pirates aren't that honourable to start off with, so...

Surprise took over Kalden's expression as this other guy let it slip that he was a pirate. Kalden didn't exactly mind, considering he wasn't trying to threaten him to give up his money right now. He was more curious about this guy and how he ended up in the same place as him.

"Well, in either case... we need to think of a way out of here. And as far as I can tell... there isn't anything nearby we can use to escape."

He glanced behind him at the heavy, sturdy table, furrowing his brows a little.

"And that thing's way too heavy for me to lift without any momentum. Pl- hey... you hear that?"

Kalden's eyes narrowed as he leaned a little forwards, as if listening really intently, and sure enough, they heard two voices coming from what they just now identified as a door in the wooden wall.

"... hope the others hurry up. I don't want to stay here longer than we have to."

"Relax, we just need the two others to get down here and we'll take off. The others'll take care of the Avatar, we just need to worry about the airbender."

"What about the other guy? What if he's the Avatar...? What if he breaks out?"

The other guy sighed and they could clearly hear a low 'thump', followed by the first guy going "Ow!". "Because, idiot, we have the Avatar's name, age and -gender-. And if you ask me, the guy in there doesn't look like a girl."

Kalden turned his head to look over at Ryan again, his eyes wide. The Avatar was here? And -that- was why they attacked? Although it sounded like they were here partially for 'her', and partially here for Kalden as well.

"The Avatar? Hey, isn't that the unique kind of bender than bend all four elements? Well damn, I thought that was a legend! Those guys couldn't possibly be looking for him, - or her, in that case - right?"

Ryan was getting unsually worried right now. It wasn't common for him to get anxious like that, yet as he heard the two men speaking, a feeling of dread passed over him. He had been in many situations like this, some even thougher than the current one, but there was something about the men who had taken them here. They seemed all too familiar. As if he had heard of them before but never actually seen them.

Suddenly it hit him. "Er, Kalden? Those chumps on the other side are equalists, right?"

Kalden answered with a "Yeah, probably." Ryan looked at the ceiling for a while.

"So technically, they're looking for the avatar..." Ryan muttred. He turned to Kalden. "So what if we convince those two dimwits that one of us is the avatar? They don't sound too smart to begin with. Then they'd free us, and we wipe 'em out."

Kalden glanced at the door, furrowing his brows a little, lowering his voice so that the two outside wouldn't hear them. "... I don't know. Why would they let us go? Besides, you heard them, they know the Avatar's a girl. Although... hmm."

He looked from Ryan, over to the door again, peering behind him and shuffling around a little, so that he was facing the door before taking in a breath of air. "Hey! Dumb and dumber!"

A moment passed before the door opened and the two masked, black-clad guys stepped partially into the room, looking over at Kalden. "... What?" Kalden then proceeded to look over to Ryan, giving him a 'Make something up!' look.

Ryan smiled, then immediately frowned and started yelling. "Listen, ye god damn crap-filled rat lickers! I dunno why ye got me n' housefly over here on yer damn ship, but I expect better treatment then saggin' chains on me feet!"

"Whoa there, though guy, watch your language. This ain't home sweet home-"

"Yeah for sh** it isn't!" Ryan loudly interrupted him. "Fight me right now, big man, ye and yer scallywaggin' friend back there! A Cutlass isn't gonna go down like this!" he continued, standing up, and finished it off by rudely spitting in the henchman's face (the spit had been reinforced by waterbending, so it was slightly painful).

The guy who got hit by the spit raised his hands to his eyes, swearing and stumbling a little backwards, bumping into his friend who went "Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing, brat?", turning around to glare down at Ryan. Kalden, however, flashed a toothy grin as he bent his knees all the way up to his chest, having lowered himself down to almost lie against the floor, before thrusting his legs forwards, sending a strong blast of air into the back of one of the thugs, sending him flying into his friend, and the both of them crashed against the wall of the cabin and proceeded to fall onto the floor, unconcious.

Kalden looked over at the two before glancing to Ryan while shuffling around to sit up again, grinning toothily. "Dumb and dumber, huh?"

Ryan grinned. He had particularly enjoyed spitting in the guy's face. "They make a nice pair, in my opinion."

He tried to walk towards the two unconcious men, and again fell onto his face, cursing the chain and this bloody ship and it's crew and its janitors. He slowly rose again, this time paying attention to the chain to which he was bound. He bent over, and rummaged through Dumb's and Dumber's Pockets. After a few moments of searching, he found the keys, and proceeded to free himself and Kalden.

"Cheers." he said, grinning.

"You're most welcome, good sir." Kalden replied with a snicker.

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