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PC's Official Arctic Monkeys Fan Club!
Dedicated for anyone who loves the Sheffield four-piece!

"By distilling the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, the Clash, the Strokes, and the Libertines into a hybrid of swaggering indie rock and danceable neo-punk, Arctic Monkeys became one of the U.K.'s biggest bands of the new millennium."

Hello lads and lasses, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to PC's very own Arctic Monkeys fan club! This is the place for you and all your other fellow members to discuss just about anything about the Sheffield four-piece rock band which took and is still taking the indie rock scene by storm; from any new single and album releases to how hawt you think Alex Turner is! I'll try to post a topic every week for all you lot to talk about, though feel free to take this thread as a mean to say anything about AM or anything related to them. I may plan some other things for this club so stay tuned for any further announcements/events that may crop up now and then if I have the time to organize anything!

.:Current Topic:.
Simple one to start off with; when did you first hear from the Arctic Monkeys, and what was your first impression?

Topics Archive

+ Follow all Other Club rules, and PokeCommunity rules in general.
+ I'm allowing people to chit chat here, but please keep it Monkeys related! You have the rest of PC for anything else
+ You must have filled in the sign-up to join in at the discussion. Please don't randomly turn up and leave a comment; become a full-time member and enjoy all the benefits!
+ Try to keep active, and enjoy your stay!
+ If you have any questions, suggestions or queries then feel free to VM or PM me! I'm always open to ideas and such.

Sign-Up sheet;
+ Username:
+ Favourite AM Song, and why?
+ -Insert current topic-

Member List;
Scyke - OWNER

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