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Favorite Underrated Pokemon: Pachirisu
Why you want to join this club: Underrated Pokémon are often the more interesting and fun to use so I'd love some more ideas on which ones to try out!
Most Used Underrated Pokemon (In your games): Parasect
Underrated Partner: Pachirisu (Pachi)

My favourite underrated Pokémon is definitely Pachirisu! It's one of those Pokémon that is in all honesty quite awful to use, but when you work hard with it and find a niche for it it'll become a great team member on most rosters. I use one most times I play Pearl and it can even take down Cynthia's Garchomp with relative ease if you have a bit of luck. I used a set revolving around Charm/Sweet Kiss/Grass Knot to try to prevent his attacks and lower the damage they do before taking his health slowly down with Grass Knot - the last slot switches between Super Fang and Discharge a lot because both can be really useful haha. (Well in reality it's usually Discharge but some things like Garchomp just beg for Grass Knot to kill them hehe) It's a really fun Pokémon to use, and it's a squirrel. ♥

I've also used Parasect a lot because it's a really cool Pokémon and it's a lot of fun to use, but it doesn't carry the same charm and cuteness as Pachirisu.