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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    That can simply mean that the data for all Pokemon exists in the new games...which the data for all pokemon existed in every game to date so its a vague statement.

    Like they said it has two meanings, first meaning is something we already know is going to happen and that is that all 700+ Pokemon that currently exist are programmed into this game.

    The second meaning is that all 700+ Pokemon are available for capture in some way shape or form in these games.

    I find the latter hard to believe as Event Only Pokemon are usually only available for event downloads.

    As for Matsuda traveling far to tell us something meaningless....yes he does that on a fairly frequent basis...practically every time he travels with an announcement...its usually something meaningless. We've been lucky to get real news this time for X and Y but he still travels a lot just to tell us about things that really aren't important.
    What's meaningful and meaningless are in the eye oh the beholder especially when you talk about games. And also the word I used wasn't meaningless it was obviouse . Anything that he announced wasn't obviouse , just saying .
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